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Introduce us to your team

👋 Hi, we’re the Product Design & Research team here at Stash! Together, we cover product design, information architecture, visual design, design systems, content design, insights and strategy (UXR), and design operations.

Although today we’re currently spread out across the US, at Stash you can work remotely from anywhere in the US or UK, or from one of our office spaces.

Meet some of our team members below:

What is your team mission?

While our company mission defines our purpose, our design team philosophy puts it into perspective so that every team member can apply it to their day-to-day work.

Our mission: Investing for the 99%. Help everyday Americans invest and build wealth.

Our philosophy: Design for the 99%. Create experiences for everyday people that are useful every day.

What are your team rituals?

Weekly, we have:

  • Stand Up, to find out what each person on the team is working on, what’s coming up, any support needed and available time to give.

  • Product Design Jam, a space for the to lead a jam on work that impacts the larger team. Topics range from learning about a new tool to figuring out what each other’s language of appreciation is at work.

Monthly, we have:

  • Creative Community, to share and discuss ideas that inspire us in connection to the monthly theme.

  • Deep Dives, to hear guest speakers from company leadership and dive deep into their team, work, and goals.

Quarterly, we have:

  • All Hands, to hear updates from design leadership, dive deep into relevant topics, and ask questions.

We also understand that we’re not always going to get it right the first time, and continue to look for ways to improve. Transparent and open communication is very important to our team, and we hold regular feedback sessions to make sure we’re moving in the right direction. The bar is progress!

How does your team stay connected when working remotely?

It helps that we have a team of genuinely kind, smart, amazing people ❤️ While we do really like spending time together, working remotely means that we have to be more intentional about creating those moments, informal or not. There’s no water cooler to congregate around, so we’ll post something in our #product-design-random channel. We can’t high five in person, so we’ll use high fives or fire reactions in Figjam. If we want to have a quick chat with somebody, we’ll huddle on Slack. Needless to say, remote life has given us the opportunity to strengthen our bonds in new and different ways. I mean, can you actually say you know your coworkers well if you haven’t seen them put on a costume and a 1920s accent for a virtual murder mystery party?

Tell us about your hackathons

We. Love. Hackathons. They offer the opportunity to focus on exciting problems and ideas that we don’t always get to address in our day-to-day. Plus, we get to collaborate alongside people we don’t normally work with. It’s super-inclusive and everyone in the company, regardless of function, can join in the fun and creativity. Hacks aren’t limited to software, you can work on problem spaces within any part of the company. If customers or employees can benefit from it, then it's a good hack! At the end, Stashers get to vote on the best hacks in several categories, and we have a panel of judges to determine the winners 🙌

Where can we learn more about your team?

Feel free to message us to learn more our product design team, but you can also read about what it’s like to be a Stasher from these write ups: