What do you call this platform?It's simply referred to as CV. For example you could say, "I just created my CV profile!".

Who's behind CV?Mehdi and Andy.

Why did you build CV?We wanted an easy to update page where we could list some projects, work history, and other bits that might make me sound competent. Something easy to share, less garish than LinkedIn, and more dynamic than a static PDF. Non-visual, more akin to a text oriented personal website. Something that wasn't just a one off page, where we could bring in friends and collaborators, and profiles could be navigated from one to the other like a blogroll.

We thought this might be useful, so we're putting it out there to see if it is.

Who should use CV?If the above resonates with you, you should try using CV.

Where can I get updates on CV?Follow @read_cv on Twitter or join our Discord.

I'd like to report a profile for innappropriate content or harrassment, who can I reach out to?Please reach out to support@read.cv. We take all reports very seriously.

I have more questions, who should I call?Email me, support@read.cv.