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Introduce us to your team

Design is one of the most important functions at Webflow because the majority of our customers are designers. Though it feels kind of meta to design for designers, it's such an honor and privilege.

Our design functions consists nearly 40 people spanning across Brand Design, Content Design, Education Design, Product Design, and User Research.

Our team

We have team members from Hawaii to Poland, and many places in-between—including a presence in San Francisco and New York City.

What is the product you’re building?

The web was originally invented to share basic documents between universities, but in the last few decades it has transformed how billions of people live their lives. The web has become the new frontier of innovation and opportunity.

But, for every 400 people that use the web today, only 1 can truly build for it. That’s because building most things for the web — from a simple landing page to a more complicated application — still requires knowing how to code.

Webflow exists to dramatically change this reality. Our mission is to enable everyone to create for the web — and lead fulfilling, impactful lives while we do it.

We are creating a visual/no-code development platform that exposes a set of foundational capabilities (aka “building blocks”) that can be mixed together to create a wide range of things — from functionality-rich marketing websites, to paid subscription services, to entire web applications with users.

What design tools do you use day to day?

Webflow, of course! In addition, we love Figma and FigJam for design work.

Some of our product designers like to build functional prototypes in code and deploy it to Vercel.

What does your workplace look like?

We are a remote-first team and a lot of our workspace is on Zoom, Loom, and Figma.

We also have a beautiful office in San Francisco, where quite a few of our designers come in and work from.

Where can we learn more about your team?

You can learn more at www.webflow.com and follow us on Twitter. Our 2023 Webflow Conf keynote shares where we're heading as as company and product.