Ramp Design

Ramp Design

Onsite or remote
New York City, USMiami, USToronto, CA
Elevate one another
Fight for simplicity
Ship early and often
In it to win it
Strong opinions loosely held

Open roles

Full time, onsite or remote
Diego Zaks
Full time, onsite or remote
Diego Zaks
Full time, onsite or remote
Diego Zaks

Introduce us to your team

Diego Zaks

Head of Design

Eric Eriksson

Principal Designer

Jason Li

Principal Designer

Zain Khoja

Product Designer


Staff Designer

Liam Bolton

Principal Designer

We did the karaoke together. Much joy was had.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Diego is working on a baby. Eric cooks fancy meals every day. Marcela goes kayaking in the most remote lakes in Canada. Zain is learning 3D modeling so he can fulfill his dream of becoming an NFT.

How are design reviews conducted with leadership?

At Ramp, designers are stakeholders and everyone is empowered to make their own decisions. We work very closely with our product and engineering partners and we ship without obstacles.

We are unencumbered by red tape and we don't "present options" to stakeholders — we present solutions to our colleagues and we farm for dissent. Together, we craft the optimal solution. Be prepared to lead.

Share the last meme from the team chat

What advice would you give to people who want to join your team?

Do it.