Zain Khoja

Zain Khoja

Product Designer in New York City, he/him


Creating joy and drinking sweet tea ✨

Work Experience

2022 — Now
New York, NY

Designing the future of finance automation. Working (mostly) on Bill Pay.

2019 — 2021
Ithaca, NY

Product Designer (2019), Course Instructor (2020), President (2021)
Led a team of over 50 engineers, designers, and marketers to develop apps for over 10k daily active students and members of the Ithaca community. Oversaw 4 introductory, application-based courses with over 300 students per semester.

2021 — 2021

Designed WOMBO Dream, an AI art generation tools, to help democratize creation.

2020 — 2021

Instagram Reels (2020), Instagram Camera (2021)
Designed creative tools for Instagram Reels to help creators tell great stories. Shipped Timer Countdown feature in Instagram Reels for global launch. Received full-time offer for Instagram NYC.

2020 — 2021

Redesigned mobile application to improve core user experience and designed incentives, refill, and chat features to reward users for high medication adherence. Worked directly with founders and core engineer team to develop product development strategy and implementation.

2019 — 2019
San Francisco, CA

Created prototyping tools in Figma to speed up product design exploration flow and ease onboarding for new designers. Designed core UI components for Primer, GitHub’s open source design system.

2017 — 2018
Denton, TX

Analyzed data from 52 participants to further explore the concept of presence in virtual reality. Co-authored paper in the Engineering Reality of Virtual Reality conference 2018.

Reels & Camera Creation at Instagram





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