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We are 10 humans split across four timezones and two platforms (iOS / Android).

We're currently hiring our second mobile designer, apply using the link above - we'd love to hear from you!

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Product Manager
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Senior Manager, Engineering
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Britt Layton
Product Design Manager
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Senior Software Engineer
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Jesse Farsong
Senior Software Engineer
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Brett Bauman
Software Engineer
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Benjamin Lo
Software Engineer
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Senior Software Engineer
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Rodrigo Gomez Avila
Senior Software Engineer

What does your workplace look like?

What is your team mission?

  • We make it possible for our users to create recordings and quickly close feedback loops with an in-depth viewing/engagement experience, whether at their desks or on the move.

  • Without losing sight of the broader Loom experience, we embrace what makes mobile platforms different and solve for mobile user needs.

  • We’re motivated by supporting knowledge workers across the world that increasingly rely on mobile devices to get their work done.

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What design tools do you use day to day?

  • Figma / FigJam

  • Occasionally Principle for motion prototypes

  • Loom!

  • Linear for planning

  • Notion for all the docs

Our Product Principles

😌 Effortless β€” but not simplistic

It's about being simple, intuitive, and direct, yet also smart.

πŸ—Ώ Dependable β€” but not inflexible

It's about being thorough and detailed, robust and dependable, yet also adaptable.

πŸ’¨ Immediate β€” but not thoughtless

It's about being quick - like super quick - minimising work, yet also optimising for clarity and providing control.

🧠 Thoughtful β€” but not invasive

It's about being people first, fun at the right time, yet also never getting in the way of a user and their message.

🎒 Versatile β€” but not without a focus

It's about being adaptable, modular, supportive and open to different users and use cases, yet not without a mission and north star.

πŸ™Œ Essential β€” but not demanding

It's about being always there β€” but not always on, building for stickiness, empowerment, and transparency, yet with a constant mindfulness.

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