Matteo Modica

Matteo Modica

Creative director in Rome, Italy, He

I've been longing to see my work featured on SiteInspire. Looks like the wait is finally over.…

10 months ago

I enjoy creating strong, consistent and expressive brands. Founder of Sublimio, designer and creative director, I lead talents to express their best as a team. Democratic perfectionist.



"We'd rather be wrong than boring."

This is the statement opening the bespoke website for MessUp: a fresh Italian branding agency, unafraid to challenge the best practices - or even make mistakes - to have an impact.

This is definitely one of the most fun projects I have been working on lately, on the fine line between pure creativity and rationality.

From the brand strategy to the naming, from the visual identity to all sorts of digital and physical assets, it has been a refreshing - and challenging - experience, that reminded me how lucky I am for doing the work I love.


We helped launch a craft gin with a sake soul, a true product sitting at the intersection of millenary heritage and category innovation.


Sakari is a 130 years-old sake brewery from Nishinomiya, Japan, set on a challenging mission: bringing its product to the Western markets, less educated about the nuances and possibilities of this Japanese drink. The friends at Sublimio and I partnered with Sakari from day one, helping the brewery evolve its brand promise to match the Western mindset.


Frontman is a brand specialized in luxury accessories for tech devices, such as smartphone covers, produced in the most refined materials. Sublimio and I created the brand with a special focus on a distinctive tone of voice, equally distant from the tech world commonplaces and from the luxury ones.


Fluttuo is an independent project of artisanal jewelry, born without support from any of the big brands, but with the ambition to become a high-profile brand in its own respect. With this goal, Sublimio and I followed every aspect of the brand creation process, infusing the project with all its luxury branding expertise.

Side Projects


A straightforward one-page website gathering links from my work, side projects, and contact information. To spice it up, visuals are unveiled when hovering over the project links.


aprile is hanging seat inspired by spring and the shape of petals, rooted in my childhood emotions. It's handcrafted in Italy with so much stubbornness and so few compromise in a limited edition of 30 pieces (per finishing), just like the days of April. Each piece is engraved with a unique number and a part of a story, called "30 days of aprile". And most importantly, I hope it will bring a bit of lightheartedness into our everyday spaces.


Napoli, Italy

EDIT Napoli is the international design fair dedicated to authorial and independent design, focusing on responsible creativity, quality over quantity, and craftsmanship.

Milan, Italy

I exhibited aprile, the floating seat I designed, during the Salone del Mobile in Milano, Italy.