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Matteo Modica
Matteo Modica
Founder & Creative Director
Andrea Ciulu
Andrea Ciulu
Strategist & Copywriter

Ciao, we are a boutique branding agency working with selected clients worldwide. We help our clients launch, steer or reboot their brands for business success. Sublimio is a flexible network of creatives, coordinated by founder and creative director Matteo Modica.

Our services include brand strategy, visual identity, verbal identity, naming, creative concepting, digital design, copywriting, personal branding, cx design, photo & video production.

Our philosophy: Beautiful Thinking™

We believe that beauty and reason are two forces that should constantly communicate. Beauty without reason creates wonderful but short-lived objects. Reason without beauty leads to robust mediocrity. Both options are acceptable, but far from ideal.

Our work always puts aesthetics and strategy on the same level. It’s a painstaking process, made of balancing and dialectics, but it’s within this balance that our projects find completeness.

Brands that work with us think the same way: they refuse to choose between beauty and reason. After all, why should they?

Share an interesting side project from a team member

aprile is a hanging seat designed by Sublimio founder and creative director, Matteo Modica.

In his words:

"aprile is inspired by spring and the shape of petals, rooted in my childhood emotions. It's handcrafted in Italy with so much stubbornness and so few compromise in a limited edition of 30 pieces (per finishing), just like the days of April.

Each piece is engraved with a unique number and a part of a story, called "30 days of aprile". And most importantly, I hope it will bring a bit of lightheartedness into our everyday spaces."

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You can reach us via email or find us on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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