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Senior Frontend Engineer
Full time
Flexible schedules
Employee equity
Competitive salary
Emiel Janson
Dany Castillo
Daniel Khaapamyaki
Rick Pastoor



Here's the tl;dr:


The Rise web app is written in TypeScript using React and MobX. It is using websockets to receive real-time updates from the backend. We are looking for a frontend engineer to take the web app to the next level.

What you'll be working on

As an early engineer you'll work on many different aspects of the product. A few examples:

  • Improvements to our Rise CMD-K Command Center: enable users to quickly navigate and manage their calendars from one uniform and context-sensitive component

  • Build our event positioning system: Think about user-friendly interfaces with complex mechanics behind the scene

  • Work with our backend team to define a scalable and extensible API

What our ideal candidate looks like 💅

  • Extensive experience with Typescript or JavaScript

  • Extensive experience with CSS

  • Extensive experience with React or any similar UI framework

  • Cares a lot about high quality, readable, structured code. Advocates best practices and architecture patterns. Is able to make trade-offs between extensibility, optimization and execution speed. Empowers others by reviewing code.

  • Proficient with different types of testing (e2e, unit, stress, etc.)

  • Has a habit of being paranoid about security and privacy (input validation, network encryption, authentication, authorization)

  • Is autonomous, able to independently pick up tasks and full projects and work through them end-to-end

  • Is product and user minded: is always focused on how their work will impact or optimize the experience of Rise users

We realize that as a founding team we're from similar backgrounds, that we have unconscious biasses and that we have work to do here. This is why we explicitly want to invite and encourage people from underrepresented groups to apply.