Daniel Khaapamyaki

Daniel Khaapamyaki

Software Engineer in Cologne, Germany


A problem-solving student with a passion for software development and entrepreneurship. Working towards making the world a better place.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
2021 — 2022
  • Designing and implementing a new backend to power realtime collaboration and offline synchronisation for the Flutter client with an event sourced architecture. Technologies used are: Elixir, Phoenix, MongoDB, Google Cloud Pub/Sub, Ruby and Golang.

  • Building the admin dashboard for realtime insights with Elixir, Phoenix LiveView, Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js and Sqlite with Litestream.

  • Setting up the core infrastracture on Digital Ocean Kubernetes. Elixir nodes are clustered with Libcluster.

2020 — 2021
  • Contributed to "Workflows", a legal and compliance tech platform for requests, approvals, data collection, document generation, self-service, knowledge base and much more built with Elixir, Phoenix, Postgresql and Absinthe (GraphQL).
2020 — 2020
  • Contributed to recoverapp.de. A digital contact data list for
    restaurants and events developed with Ruby on Rails and React.

  • Implemented features and tests for veedelsretter.koeln. A Ruby on Rails e-commerce platform where local stores can distribute vouchers during the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • Implemented features and tests for the aedifion.com React-Native app.

2019 — 2020
Cologne, Germany
  • Responsible for assembling and repairing RFID payment solutions.

  • Setup, manage and monitor systems to ensure constant availability of hardware.

2015 — 2019
Cologne, Germany
  • Apprenticeship as "Informationselektroniker für Bürosystemtechnik".

  • Rolling out production printing solutions for business customers.

  • Network installations and further maintenance of devices.


2019 — 2022
Cologne, Germany

Organizer of the Code & Context Coding Dojo and Event Group