Great team off-sites
Fight for simplicity
Be pragmatic
Meaningful work
Put the user first
Focus on impact

Introduce us to your team

Dany – Front-end Engineer from Berlin
Daniel – Back-end Engineer from Cologne
Tim – Front-end Engineer from Utrecht
Iain – Back-end Engineer from Rotterdam
Willem – Back-end Engineer & Cofounder from Amsterdam
Rick – Front-end Engineer & Cofounder from Amsterdam

We're a mix of people with different experiences, ranging from early stage startups, big tech, founding companies and fresh from university.

We've worked at companies like Nubank, Uber, Tidal, Superlist, managed big teams and started and built multiple companies before.

What are your team rituals?

Everyone is remote but we organise an offsite, or actually we should call it an onsite, ~3 times per year. We spend them mostly to have fun together and align on our vision and roadmap.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

Grip Book

By Rick Pastoor — Best selling productivity book (~120k sold)


By Dany Castillo — Solves Tailwind CSS pains in design systems (~1.5m downloads per week)