Adam Laskowitz

Adam Laskowitz

I make things in SF Bay Area, He/him


I'm an experienced design leader and lifelong maker currently dedicating my energy to improving educational experiences for teachers and students.


Getting to GoTo: Consolidating 5 Separate Apps at GoTo

GoTo is a new and improved unified app combining GoToConnect, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToTraining and more in a single experience.

Target Fetch: Target's First Effort to Make IoT Products at Target

I started a skunkworks project to build a suite of IoT products and a replenishment platform at Target. The effort turned into a full cross-functional product team and nearly made it to a launch.

Open House: Smart Home Learning Lab at Target

Target’s Open House concept store is a forward-thinking space that explores the possibilities of how connected technology – the ‘internet of things’ – might shape how we live at home.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Staff Product Designer at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Transforming educational opportunities for teachers and students through targeted product experiences that balance practical challenges in classrooms and effective pedagogical strategies.

2020 — 2022
Principal Product Designer at GoTo (Formerly LogMeIn)

I led the the mobile UX work for a company-wide strategy shift to consolidate our separate apps into one unified experience

2019 — 2020
Principal Product Designer at 7 Cups

First design + user research hire to lead/architect experience of new mobile app initiative

2014 — 2019
Director of User Experience (promoted from Experience Design Lead '14-'16) at Target

I led a design a research team in a player-coach position at Target's SF Innovation Lab focusing on consumer IoT (i.e. smart home).

2012 — 2014
Creative Technologist at Intel

I designed and built prototypes for research and experimentation exploring the experiential possibilities with emerging domains such as: citizen science/data visualization, NLP, voice and gesture interactions, and wearables.

Side Projects


At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic I decided to adventure into a passion project to research, design, and code an Android and iOS app to help with positive thinking and daily mindfulness.



Even though it was coined nearly two decades ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) didn’t really break into the market until around 2013 when it became evident the most popular topic at CES was smart, connected living with an endless showcase of consumer products embedded with sensing and communication technologies. As fundamental mediating bodies between manufacturers and consumers, it is up to retailers to adopt this concept and sell valuable solutions in order for the category to truly penetrate the market. In this paper we will explore trends in the public’s awareness of IoT as well as how different retailers have marketed this category over time - and the different angles to storytelling they are each taking.


Master of Fine Arts at University at Buffalo
Master of Architecture at University at Buffalo