Willem Purdy

Willem Purdy

Designer in London, He/Him


I'm a digital designer with over 7 years experience working with start-ups and agencies to produce prototypes, complex UX flows, visuals and design systems for a range of clients. My work has been featured by establishments such as It's Nice That, Site Inspire, Awwwards and The Brand Identity.



At Companion we wanted to create a new way for creatives to get feedback, brainstorm an idea, share a passion or simply engage with the creative community, so we created Pair Up.

The platform aims to be different from standard 'mentorship' schemes which tend to be targeted at students, can be pricey and very one-sided. Pair Up is location-less, free to use and allows users to 'pair' with multiple people at once.

Uncrowd at Companion Studio

Uncrowd help businesses find their 'relative attractiveness'. In short, they are the leaders in helping businesses to uncover hidden elements of their customer experience which allows them to better position themselves in the market.

We worked with the internal Uncrowd team to undergo a brand refresh and to create a B2B marketing site that helped sell their services across different industry sectors


&Daughter is a family-run, slow made knitwear brand that uses the finest quality wool sourced from Scotland, spun in Ireland and put together in England.

We worked with the &D team to update their eCommerce platform to highlight the quality in their collections but to also better tell the story of the brand to their customers.


AKVA is a demo store built in collaboration with Sanity to demonstrate the power of their new app, Sanity Connect on Shopify. The demo uses the new app to synchronise users Shopify data into Sanity, allowing them to easily reference products and collections, even within text.

In order to fully show off the app and its capabilities, we collaborated with the Sanity team to create a rich editorial shopping experience like no other.


Limna helps both amateur and established art collectors to better understand the primary art market and make informed decisions about artists or artwork, backed by thousands of data points.


Thanxiety is a tool to help relieve the tension of awkward or dry conversation around the Thanksgiving dinner table by suggesting conversation topics or prompts. Users are able to filter out any niche or controversial subjects that may do more harm than good.


The DO Lectures brings together the world’s disruptors, change–makers, experts and pioneers to share their stories and encourage others to go and DO.

Since then, DO has evolved into an institution dedicated to bringing the creative underdog the best teachings, inspiration and thought around. Starting with an annual event on a farm in west Wales, it has grown into an event held across four countries, a sister book company, an educational platform, a whole host of workshops and other one-day events, and one of the largest resources of inspiration on the web.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
2021 — 2023

🦊 Companion is a digital product design studio that partners with start-ups and established companies to create new futures.

Our mission is to enhance the world around us by designing services and products that inspire, disrupt established norms and create a better future for people and the planet.

2017 — 2021


2013 — 2016
BA Illustration at University of the West of England, UWE