Onsite or remote
London, GB
Treat people right
Leave it better than you found it
Embrace challenges
Measure twice, cut once
Be kind
Dream big

Introduce us to your team

Companion are a digital product design studio that partners with start-ups, brands and companies to create new realities.

We were founded in December 2020 and our small team of eight currently operates out of Shoreditch and the boroughs of London — with our extended network of freelancers and collaborates working from across Europe.

Our mission is to enhance the world around us by designing digital services and products that inspire, disrupt established norms and create a better future for people and planet.

What values does your team share?

Open to learning.

You know you don’t know everything and like to seek others viewpoints. You’re ready to be open minded, approachable and keep learning.

Make a difference.

You know you make a difference to those around you and that rubs off. You know that bit by bit we all can make change happen, care more for the world and those we share it with.

Be yourself.

We want you to be comfortable being yourself and sharing that with your colleagues. Being keen to see things outside of your own viewpoint is important.

Say it how it is.

No fronts or bluffs are required. You say it how it is. You say “I don’t know but I can find out”. You're open, honest, accountable.

Play as part of the team.

You like being part of a team and you're in it for the long game not the quick win. Everyone plays to the end.

Take the rough with the smooth.

You turn up and turn out ready for whatever might face you. Not everything can be plain sailing, and you're ready to sail the highs and lows.

What benefits does your team offer?

  • The time, space & guidance needed to thrive 🌻

  • Cycle to work scheme 🚲

  • Access to Spill, an all-in-one mental health support for employees 🗣

  • Monthly Headspace subscription for your brain 💆

  • Flexi hours so you can accommodate with your personal life events when needed. 10-3 core hours and we work 40hr per week 🤸

  • Up to 5 days per year whereby you can teach or volunteer and receive full pay 👨‍🏫.

  • Work from home up to 3 days a week 🏡

  • Work abroad for up to 30 days a year (within -/+ 3h timezone)

  • A learning budget of £500 per year for professional development, for things such as books, courses, conferences 📚

  • 33 days of holiday including bank holidays (+1 for every year you’re with us) and paid shutdown at Christmas 🎄

  • Dog friendly office 🐕

  • All of the equipment & technology you need (or want) to work best day to day 👨‍💻

  • Annual charitable contribution of £250 to a charity of your choice as part of our commitment to donate 5% of our total revenue.

What are your team's proudest accomplishments?

The work we have created and the relationships we have formed to date.

We worked with Limna, an app app that is aimed at making the art market more accessible and encouraging more people to purchase primary market art, to define their digital identity, user experience, product strategy & design.

The DO Lectures brings together some of the worlds greatest change makers to a farm in west Wales to encourage others to go DO.

We refreshed their identity inspired by the farm, giving them a flexible typographic system, characterful illustrations and colours to use generatively on the site. We overhauled their many back-end services, streamlining it into a single CMS and wrapping it all in a front-end that puts the user at the center.

VanMoof is one of the world leaders in electric bikes.

We worked with them and creative consultancy Modem to create a digital installation informed by their signature dot-matrix.

It has been installed in 15 of their global stores and it brings their rider data and impact to life through a modular system: with each city pulling in the data from where it is located as well as the collective global impact of riding an electronic bike.

Alexander is the place to discover new, original, hour-long audio features from around the world.

Their stories are written and reported by acclaimed authors and journalists, narrated by renowned actors and accompanied by visionary short films.

We worked with them to re-design and build the app from the ground up, focusing on creating a compelling experience that put the content front and center.

Cellular Goods is the UK's first direct to consumer cannabinoid company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

We took them from nothing pre-IPO, to a fully functional, modern and progressive headless eCommerce store in less than a year under the scrutiny of public investors.

They create cannabinoid products that are cleaner, greener and purer than anyone else's.

What type of music does your team listen to?

In the office you'll usually find us listening to DO YOU or NTS — we did attempt to start a monthly studio playlist, but we found that we're all creatures of habit that listen to the same things that we did when we were 14 over and over again.

We do promise though that the playlist below sounds better than the awful pun in the title.