Myles Palmer

Myles Palmer

Creative Director in London, he/him

Updated my site with a few more snapshots of work now that Companion is wrapping up and I am looking for a new role ↪

4 months ago


A Creative Director for brand & digital teams with a strong strategic and empathetic approach & over ten years of experience in the design industry.​

I enjoy breaking down complex problems to create meaningful solutions that enhance businesses, rather than just create more visual noise.

I'm passionate about creating environments for creative teams to thrive in — ones that enable colleagues, collaborators and clients to thrive in a focused and balanced way in an ever more uncertain world.



Companion was a design studio that partnered with businesses to inspire, disrupt, entertain, and create a better future for people and the planet.

I founded it to use design to make a positive change in the world and to help fulfil the creative potential of companies, collaborators, and colleagues.

In three years we:

— Worked on 45 projects for 27 different clients
— Turned over £1.24million in 24 months, learning a lot along the way.
— Donated £15,250 to charitable causes and executed pro-bono work to the sum of £35,000 for non-profits.
— Were considered to be one of the top companies for psychological safety amongst users.
— Helped clients start, grow, transform and change, through the good times and the tough, and at the end of it, they always looked back at working with us fondly, which is my proudest achievement.

Curated at Companion

Curated is a unique eCommerce platform that provides expert-guided shopping experiences in 20 categories such as skiing, fishing, and golf.

With a network of over 2,000 knowledgeable experts across America, Curated offers personalised advice for free before making a high-stakes purchase.

We worked with them to redesign their brand & product, bringing their strategy of 'Real Experts' to life.


Pair Up is a place for creatives to find and offer their time to others with the goal of sharing, learning and problem solving with each other.

It's been designed to make what is typically inaccessible due to financial or location factors more accessible & non-hierarchical.

Uncrowd at Companion

Uncrowd helps companies move on from sketchy surveys and gain objective data on how their customer experience measures up to their competitors.

Alexander at Companion

Design & on-going product consultant for the audio app Alexander. The best stories deserve the best storytellers, and Alexander puts original storytelling from David Tenant, Helena Bonham-Carter, John Malkovich & many more in your hands.


The DO Lectures brings together some of the worlds greatest change makers to a farm in west Wales to encourage others to go DO.

We refreshed their identity, detangled the data spaghetti and connected many back-end services and wrapped it all in a front-end that puts the user at the center.


Limna is an iOS app that is aimed at making the art market more accessible and encouraging more people to purchase primary market art.

Built with the largest database of artists in existence and powered by machine learning to predict price, trends, impact and reach of artists — we defined their digital identity, user experience, product strategy & design.

VanMoof at Companion

VanMoof is one of the world leaders in electric bikes. We worked with them and Modem to create a digital installation informed by their signature dot-matrix.

It has been installed in 15 of their global stores and it brings their rider data and impact to life through a modular system: with each city pulling in the data from where it is located as well as the collective global impact of riding an electronic bike.


🐝 Bee Home brings bees back into our backyards with a parametrically designed, open-source home for bees. An honourable mention for Fast Companys best experimental design project of the year 2020.

David Beckham at Freelance

Digital director on the design & development for various DBVL properties, such as the launch of Eyewear by David Beckham, a new home for the world of David Beckham and the launch of a new generation of esports teams for Guild.

LOVE Magazine

Design concepts & consultation for Condé Nast publication LOVE Magazine. A redesign aimed to increase readership and discoverability for users and increase revenue from space for advertisers, whilst retaining the core raw, almost ‘brutal’ aesthetic of LOVE.


Interactive website for a talk I did for Frieze Academy as part of their ‘The Art of…’ masterclass series.

Titled ‘The Art of Creative Direction’, I was uncertain of what to talk about and fearing babbling on at the audience, instead people could ask me a question in advance by speaking into the browser and submitting it which I then answered in the talk.

Magnum Photos at Future Corp

New home for one of the oldest and most prestigious photographic agencies in the world. If there’s a photo you love, it’s probably been taken by a Magnum photographer.

IVY PARK at Jonny Lu Studio

Immersive website & digital campaign launching the unapologetic athleisure brand founded by Beyonce aimed at people that live and work in their workout clothes. The site hundreds took video clips & images and procedurally generated a tv-like experience on the fly.

Work Experience

2020 — 2023

🦊 Companion is a digital product design studio that partners with start-ups and established companies to create new futures.

Our mission is to enhance the world around us by designing services and products that inspire, disrupt established norms and create a better future for people and the planet.

2015 — 2020

• Creative Direction for Fashion Course at London College of Fashion (2019 - 2021)
• Various guest lectures and workshops across UAL colleges (2015 - 2017)
• Graphic Design Communication at Chelsea College of Art (2015 - 2017)

2019 — 2020
Digital Director at Freelance
2018 — 2019
2016 — 2017
Senior Digital Designer at Freelance
2014 — 2015
Designer & Developer at THIS IS Studio