Vidjinnangni G. Thoto

Vidjinnangni G. Thoto

Project manager in Cotonou / Dakar

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Classroom AR is a project aimed at creating educational content that allows for the visualization of the human body in augmented reality using the Merge Cube. The target audience for this project is midwives and students studying life sciences.


The traditional methods of teaching anatomy involve textbooks, diagrams, and models. These methods can be limiting as they do not allow for an interactive learning experience. With Classroom AR, we aimed to create a more engaging and immersive learning experience that would help students better understand the human body.


We developed a series of augmented reality experiences using the Merge Cube that allow users to explore different parts of the human body in 3D. These experiences include interactive models of organs, bones, and muscles, as well as simulations of medical procedures such as childbirth.


Trainer for the Benin Digital Tour 2018. The BDT2018 is a mobile training program focused on the use of ICT tools and the production of local content through exchanges, discussions, and workshops centered around web tools.

Target Audience:

  • Students

  • Pupils

  • Teachers

  • Artisans

  • and Merchants in 25 communes of the Republic of Benin

The BENIN DIGITAL TOUR trained at least 1,250 people in eleven (11) departments across 25 communes over 75 days, with the objective of popularizing ICT by bringing digital technology closer to excluded populations, particularly the youth.

Work Experience

2018 — Now
Parakou, Benin

A digital innovation hub dedicated to creating environments that will act as catalysts for building the Africa of tomorrow: disruptive, collaborative, and inclusive.

  • Strategic and operational support for entrepreneurs with high social impact.

  • Leveraging digital social innovation to accelerate inclusive and sustainable development, reducing inequalities and empowering people in Africa.

  • Promoting human and social development in Benin (especially in the north) through the use of Information and Communication Technologies for Education (ICTE).

  • Transforming the delivery and consumption of educational and training content in Africa by providing teachers and students with the training and tools they need to create their own content.

2017 — 2018
Parakou, Benin

An innovation center committed to supporting young talents and women in an environment where transformative ideas can flourish.

  • Community Development Projects

  • Event Organization

  • Training Organization

  • Community Management on Social Media


2022 — 2023
Alexandria, Egypt

M2 in International Project Management for obtaining the Master’s degree in International Development from Senghor University.