Tommy Kuntze

Tommy Kuntze

Product Designer in San Francisco, he/him

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My mission is to make technology and information more accessible by creating thoughtful product experiences. I've worked on projects ranging from minor updates on marketing sites to creating brand new product experiences for Fortune 10 companies.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
San Francisco

Joined Sentry in August 2023 as an IC-PD4. I'm on the Enterprise and Revenue team.

2015 — Now
Owner at Independant Consulting

Design services for start-ups and agencies, either independently or as a collaborator with an in-house design team. Areas of expertise include product definition and strategy, product design, functional requirements, and light front-end development.

I've partnered with Founders on their startups (leading to 1 acquisition ›) and supported large companies, like Amazon and The Gap, on critical rollouts.

2018 — 2023
San Francisco

I’ve spent the past five and a half years here. I came in as a Sr. Designer and partnered with the sole founding designer to expand and elevate the existing Mobile and Desktop applications. I established a design process for our team and owned the north star vision for design.

I was soon promoted to Director, built out a research discipline, and then eventually VP of Design, where I also served as interim VP of Product for one year, helping one of my two PMs get promoted out of their associate role.

2015 — 2016
Co-Founder & Product Designer at Banter, Inc.
San Francisco

Working with the technical founder and CEO, we created Banter to help make content creation easier for podcasters, bloggers and journalists. After integrating lots of user feedback and a few iterations of the idea, we launched an MVP of a video/audio recording tool and an AI transcription tool (both linked below).

I designed the iOS app, both web apps, and all other collateral for Banter.

2013 — 2015
San Francisco

Worked with 16 other designers on the Revenue side of Twitter, 2 others on MoPub directly. I led major redesign efforts for MoPub and strategic projects between MoPub and Twitter, structured design roadmaps each quarter, and created sketches, wireframes, PRDs, decks, and prototypes. I was also a two-and-a-half-time HackWeek winner - one of which grew into Twitter's Design System

2012 — 2013
UI/UX Designer at MoPub
San Francisco

Acquired by Twitter.

I was MoPub's first designer and wore many design hats: Marketing, UI, UX, Strategy, and PM. I created interface audits, conducted user research for potential redesigns, and collected feedback on shipped features. I led and collaborated with all teams on all releases (major or minor).

2011 — 2012
San Francisco

Held down the west coast side of the agency with 5 others. I created pitch decks and ideation sketches to illustrate concepts and proposals to my direct clients and collaborated with team members in SF and NY on other major projects at the agency.
I created work for MobiTV, LA Times, Current TV, TMZ, IndiePub, The Bay Citizen, and Taco Bell

2009 — 2011
Designer at Wall Street on Demand

I designed websites, tools, and mobile applications for financial institutions and media clients. I worked closely with clients, designers, and financial analysts on designs and presentations, pitch decks, work for retained clients, and innovative ideation for existing clients. My client list cannot be shared publicly, but it includes 15 of the top financial institutions.