Uber Eats Design

Uber Eats Design

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What is the product you’re building?

Uber Eats is a global marketplace for delivery. We started off with food, but now we're delivering groceries, convenience store items, and more. We do this by connecting three types of people:

  • Consumers getting what they need delivered in an instant

  • Merchants making their merchandise available to more customers

  • Delivery people earning through flexible gig work

Introduce us to your team

We’re ~40 product designers, content designers, and user researchers located in San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and Toronto. We're organized into teams each focused on one of our customer types: Consumer, Merchant, and Earner.

Most of us aren't on read.cv yet, but here are some who are:

Chris Lee
Max Di Capua
Spencer Thurston
Kenny Iyoya
Loryn Chen

What are your team rituals?

How we work

  • Within our teams, we start off the week with a quick standup to share how we’re feeling, our priorities for the week, and highlights from the past weekend

  • Throughout the week, we share work and brainstorm together in team-specific design critiques

  • Every Thursday, we all have fun posting screenshots of what we’re working on in Slack

  • Every month in an All Hands, we highlight recently launched work, share kudos with one another, and feature “origin stories” presentations to get to know one another on a personal level

Customer empathy

Understanding our customers is critical for the work we do. In addition to traditional user research…

  • We use both Uber Eats and other services regularly and share our experiences

  • We conduct lots of interviews with merchants - both remotely and in-store

  • We have a program for employees to try out becoming delivery people

What values does your team share?


Each product designer has a large scope. We trust you to become the expert of your domain and show us how we can best serve our customers within it.

One team

While we each have our focus areas, we play as one team. We trade ideas, feedback, and observations with one another on how to make our products better. And then we celebrate the wins together.

Holistic thinking

Building the right solution requires us to take a birds-eye view. Of consumers, merchants, and earners. Of user and business needs. Of the short-term and long-term. We do this as a team, bringing our diverse perspectives together to build our shared understanding.

What benefits does your team offer?

  • Unlimited paid time off - which we encourage and trust you to use!

  • Hybrid work (2 days in the office)

  • Monthly Uber credits and a 17% discount on all Uber services!

  • Health insurance for yourself and dependents

  • Mental wellbeing resources through Lyra and Unmind

  • Monthly allowance for health and wellness purchases

Where can we learn more about your team?

Visit Uber's design careers page!