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Designer, Brand & Product
Full time
Onsite or remote
Retirement contributions
Healthcare benefits
Employee equity
Flexible schedules
Diego Segura
Diego Segura
Bryce Carson
New York City or remote


Check out Terms for yourself here.

About Terms

We are designers who come from Collins, Porto Rocha, and Ogilvy and we're focusing on a new mission: to help freelancers and studios be more financially secure.

We know how frustrating it is to get paid days, weeks, or months late.

We built Terms to help you even out the bumpy road of freelancing.

Based in Lower Manhattan, we've worked at some of the top design and advertising agencies in the world. We live and breathe the business of creativity. And, most importantly, we value our independence as freelancers.

Unfortunately, financial products are often not designed for 1099 contractors like ourselves. It's often much more difficult to prove income, receive short-term lending, or purchase insurance for the type of work we do as designers. For the financiers, they view our work as intangible, and harder to underwrite.

Terms exists to tackle that challenge.

The Role

We're looking for a brand & product designer to come join the team and own the development of our end-to-end solutions that will be built and added to over the next 12 months.

You should expect to:

  1. Be the sense of realism to the design process. You, more than anyone on the team, are intimately aware of the implementation of the pixel-perfect designs you see on Figma. Be realistic and aware of how we'll implement designs to perfection.

  2. Add to what you see. If you think there can be a wonderful animation, scroll effect, or way to surface information to a person on the app, be a part of the design process. Prototype it. Show an example. Implement it. You don't have to ask permission to do your best work.

  3. Execute to perfection. You should take immense pride in seeing your product deploy in the real world, and making sure it lives up to the images you'll show in your portfolio, or what you created in Figma.

You'll be a part of a team of four in total, including yourself. This means you have a great opportunity to capture super early-stage equity and form a culture that you will love to work in for the next five years.