Onsite or remote
New York City, US
Challenging the status-quo
In it to win it
Trust your intuition

What is your team mission?

We're a team of designers turned financiers with a simple mission: help freelancers be more financially secure.

We know how frustrating it is to get paid days, weeks, or months late.

We built Terms to help you even out the bumpy road of freelancing.

Based in Lower Manhattan, we've worked at some of the top design and advertising agencies in the world. We live and breathe the business of creativity. And, most importantly, we value our independence as freelancers.

Unfortunately, financial products are often not designed for 1099 contractors like ourselves. It's often much more difficult to prove income, receive short-term lending, or purchase insurance for the type of work we do as designers. For the financiers, they view our work as intangible, and harder to underwrite.

Terms exists to tackle that challenge.

What does your workplace look like?

Though we work from a space on Mercer Street, we are a small team that works from anywhere in the world. Our workplace looks more like a Figma file and a web browser than it does anything else.