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Engineering Manager

Ship product and lead our engineering teams!

At Procreate we're dedicated to making exceptional creative tools by combining beautiful user experiences with high performance engineering. Used by millions around the globe, Procreate is committed to placing more power in the hands of creatives.

We’re looking for our first dedicated Engineering Manager to help lead teams in pursuit of our ambitious product roadmap. We're driven by the desire to deliver the best creative software experience for our global community. You’ll have deep technical experience as well as ability in progressive people management. You'll guide a small team of engineers to develop and ship mission critical features, solve complex technical problems, define the parameters of our projects, improve overall development efficiency and nurture our internal engineering talent.

The role.

This a mission critical role, in which your experiences will allow you to make contributions as an individual contributor while also leading, managing and guiding junior engineers as an engineering stakeholder.

The role sits within our product development team, and you’ll report to Michael Shaw, our CTO. You'll work closely with the engineering team, the executive and members of other departments to align engineering with other critical business functions.

Your work will provide additional structure and certainty to the development process and reduce the heavy workload resting on the Executive members of the engineering team.

What you'll do.

  • Hands-on engineering. We need an Engineering Manager that enjoys coding and wants to keep their engineering skills sharp. Your experiences will give you a dynamic and responsive ability to make decisions that help achieve our goals, consider the complex nature of our codebase, our current engineering capabilities and the make-up and skill set of our team.

  • People and project management. In this role, you’ll review technical work for accuracy and alignment to product goals and strategy. This will help you monitor progress and assign tasks to our engineers. You’ll create and oversee project timelines and milestones with the view to improve sustainability and efficiency in our development process. You’ll deliver feedback and take part in reviews and performance management.

  • Lead, coordinate and align diverse engineering functions. You’ll work directly with team leads and the executive to ensure that our product departments, including product, quality assurance, testing, and R&D functions are aligned and moving in the same direction with clear communication, leadership and goals.

  • Manage stakeholder and 3rd party relationships. As an engineering leader and Procreate representative, you’ll develop and maintain relationships with our external partners and relevant third parties. Internally, you’ll work to support interdepartmental cooperation in relation to product and feature release as well as ongoing updates and patches.


We’re looking for someone who is passionate about their craft. If you don’t see yourself in everything on this list don’t worry, even if you match just a few we’d still love to hear from you.

  • Emotional intelligence and a calm, self-assured leadership style. You’ll have a demonstrated ability to manage and build diverse teams. Your approach to leadership and management will build consensus and understanding. You’ll be able to communicate technical information to non-technical employees and stakeholders. You’ll motivate, inspire and support your colleagues to produce the best work of their lives.

  • Experience as an Engineering Manager in a fast-paced technology, product or creative company. You’ll have had experience in engineering at a senior level and/or people management experience in a tech or start-up environment. You bring an organised, methodical and detail-oriented approach to your work which provides structure and promotes confidence in those you work with. Your work will draw the best out of each individual contributor in a way which promotes both individual success and engagement as well as team productivity.

  • Deep hands-on engineering experience in relation to UI work or development of custom, in-house rendering technology. Your breadth of experience and depth of technical foundations give you a creative and strategic approach to product development and the ability to respond effectively to unique and challenging technical problems. Your experience could be in low-level engine/rendering development or UI/UX work closer to the user.

In 1-3 months, you will...

  • Complete the Procreate onboarding process, get to know your colleagues and unique roles in the business

  • Build a basic understanding of product and the existing roadmap

  • Complete our onboarding process and become familiar with your colleagues

  • Familiarise with our tech stack, engineering environment and our existing workflows

  • Begin to develop relationships with key stakeholders, team leaders and members of the executive team

In 3-6 months, you will...

  • Begin delivering technical guidance for Product Care

  • Establish relationships with external stakeholders and partners

  • Begin identifying areas for operational improvement and take ownership of first initiatives

  • Own, lead and support the execution of a large scale, highly visible project

  • Work directly with CTO to assign projects and tasks to the right teams and people

In 6-12 months, you will

  • Participate in conversations surrounding product roadmap and strategy

  • Inform and propose strategies for external product communication

  • Routinely assign tasks, monitor engineering processes and progress

  • Drive inter-departmental coordination of a major release or update

Who we are.

One of the driving factors behind Procreate’s success is our close-knit teamwork. We believe the key to invention is the open flow of ideas and collaboration — revelling in the creative process and taking the time to hone our craft. Together we’re dedicated to building creative software that is powerful, accessible, and intuitive. We’re not afraid to rethink, iterate and persist until we genuinely believe in our work.

At Procreate we’re a rare breed of driven people from all over the world. Each of us brings something special to the table, through our unique backgrounds and experience. Every day we inspire each other to continue our relentless pursuit, passion, and hunger to produce the highest quality work, while remaining humble in our achievements.

Co-founded by James and Alanna Cuda in 2011, Procreate has remained independent and self-funded for over 10 years. Since its launch, Procreate has been loved by millions around the world, received two coveted Apple Design Awards, and been the best-selling app on iPad for the past six years running. In 2018, Procreate Pocket also received an iPhone app of the year award.

Role benefits.

We invest in you.

Every employee at Procreate receives an individual training budget to help them grow personally and professionally. And because transparency matters, the whole company is included in the coming year’s plans and strategies at our annual off-site company meet.

Time to reset, recharge and look after yourself.

Australia already has some of the most generous annual leave provisions in the world at a mandated 4 weeks per year. We also offer you extended parental leave, an extra 5 Mental Health Days per year, plus an Employee Assistance Program open to you and your family members.

Everything you need to do your best work.

We’ll provide you with all the hardware and software you need, including a fully adjustable desk set up for your way of working. But it’s the personalised professional support, and growth and development opportunities we think will really help you fly.

We want to hear from you!

Our recruitment process is made to provide you with opportunities for you to show us what you're capable of, instead of assessing you solely on your CV. Regardless of whether you meet all the experiences listed, we’d love to hear about how you see yourself contributing to Procreate in this role.

Please note, we do not operate remote or hybrid models. We're looking for full-time and on-site employees for our Hobart office.

Apply now to be considered for the role!