Potrero Labs

Potrero Labs

Burlingame, US
Bias towards action
Delight customers
Radical candor
Done is better than perfect
Focus on impact
Show, don’t tell

Introduce us to your team

We are Potrero Labs, and we are on a mission to build the best possible platform for creators and their communities. We are looking for passionate product designers and engineers to join us.

The founders (Asad and Hamza) have spent decades building multi-billion dollar products that unleash the potential of entrepreneurs and creators. We are fortunate to have Miorel and Darshan, who are some of the best product engineers with experience building for billions of users at Meta.

We are also incredibly fortunate to be backed by some of the best investors and product thinkers, including A16Z Crypto, South Park Commons, Elad Gil, Balaji Srinivasan, Fidji Simo (CEO Instacart), Vijaye Raji (CEO Statsig), Mysten Labs, Indus Valley, among others who share our vision.

What is your team mission?

Potrero Labs is an early-stage startup on a mission to empower creators and their communities. As our first step, we want to build a mobile app that will be the most fun and productive way for Creators to curate, inspire, and collaborate with a tight knit community.

What values does your team share?

The following are a list of our values that govern how we operate, collaborate, and ship. A value is only as good as the change it creates and the decisions it prioritizes, hence we have chosen values that are actually actionable as opposed to nice sounding nuggets of wisdom. This list will evolve as we all grow.

  • Be customer-obsessed:

    • We don’t just empathize with Creators, we admire them

    • Customers’ outcomes trump that of the company

    • Deliver magic not features

  • Bias to optimism:

    • We are in awe of technology and will use it to uplift society

    • Working on new frontiers has a lot of challenges, but we always remain driven by the future we can create

  • Bias to action:

    • It is easy to have ideas and even easier to have opinions, instead, we value execution and actually shipping
  • Move fast, fix later:

    • We prioritize progress and scrappiness over perfection. But we expect intentionality and coming back and fixing things if needed
  • Prioritize collective impact over personal attribution:

    • We win together

    • Nothing is someone else’s problem — fixing > complaining

  • Be direct:

    • Time and energy is our biggest resource. We’d rather be uncomfortably direct and transparent than avoid hard conversations