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What problem are you solving?

There's this old joke:

A QA tester walks into a bar and orders a beer, orders 3 beers, orders 2976412836 beers, orders 0 beers, orders -1 beer, then orders nothing, then the bar explodes.

What we're building is—in essence—the setup for that joke for the Unity3D and Unreal game enginem powered by some of the smartest researchers in the field, with a punchline that'll will blow the back of your hair off like a magic trick.

Introduce us to your team

We're a small band of enthusiasts defining and designing advanced AI tools to help game studios build better games, faster.

The mission

Automating the repetitive, time-consuming, and expensive parts of current game development.

The vision

Establish an AI engine alongside the industry's professional game engine tooling.

Share an interesting side project from a team member

We;ll let out designer Jonas explain how a simple tax return after moving from Berlin back to Copenhagen turned into him building an interactive model of the Danish ebtire tax system:

So 1 recently moved from Berlin back to my hometown Copenhagen. I also got serious about paying into a pension plan. Which made my tax situation a big mess, estimating my 2023 taxes felt like signing a mortgage contract in colored crayon.

How hard courld it be?

They say tax law is complicated for a reason. What I thought was "ax laws are really just closed systems. To build a model that accounts for 80% of the important stuff.

how hard could that be?”

Pretty fucking hard...

So I'm happy to share that if you want to calculate your tax bill knowing onlin=y yout gross monthly incomre, you can now do so using, in all its glory:

The Tax-Tax-Tron EZ-Estimator 4000

“Tax laws are really just closed systems“, a younger, idiot-version of me deducted, not feeling the future headache it had just sparked. "To build a model that accounts for 80% of the important stuff—how hard could that be?”