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Always be learning

Introduce us to your team

Index is a mixed-use community center for non-conforming ideas and methods of creative exchange. We program happenings like peer-led workshops and sell books in our shop.

Index is made up of a network of creatives working together to provide peer-to-peer style courses, workshops and events. Our instructors come from various backgrounds and experiences in teaching and learning.

Our library is curated by our community to give the best and most current resources.

What is the master plan?

Our master plan is to create an equitable environment for our community to convene and share skills. Our learning resources continue to grow and unfold in even experimental ways. Our courses, workshops, and events are led by people working in numerous creative spaces to work together to build new skills or hone in existing ones.

What does your workplace look like?

Index takes place mostly on the internet with IRL events here and there. Our meeting place looks like peer-led workshops, courses, and events with occasional showcasing of work created by our community.