Tarun Juluru

Tarun Juluru

Digital Product Designer in Hyderabad, India, He/Him

Designing digital product experiences at Freight Tiger

A year ago


I’m Tarun Juluru, a user experience and interaction designer🧑🏽‍💻 based in Hyderabad, India🇮🇳. I have a strong focus on crafting functional & delightful experiences, with keen attention to detail that positively impacts people and the environment.🌿



In my role as a Product Designer at Freight Tiger, I had the opportunity to explore various aspects of product development, from gathering essential metrics to project management. This experience gave me an invaluable foundation, teaching me the fundamentals of product creation and optimization. Throughout my tenure, I identified and addressed key areas of improvement, boosting the product's usability and enhancing data analytics by employing data-driven strategies. While the journey offered its fair share of challenges, it undeniably honed my skills and testament to my commitment to constant learning and improvement.

Surface Newsfeed at Microsoft

With my collaboration with Microsoft, I have designed a news portal for Microsoft Surface products to serve as a one-stop hub for Surface-related updates, from launches to product developments. My work included digital product design, usability testing, and stakeholder management to deliver a successful user experience


During my tenure working on the Zapscale project as a designer, I made significant strides in enhancing the overall experience of the product. My key contributions included streamlining the customer onboarding process, implementing a visually engaging demonstration of the product's capabilities from day one, and fostering improved collaboration among all stakeholders. These strategic improvements not only amplified the product's digital experience but consequently boosted product adoption and utilization as well.


I had the distinct opportunity to contribute to the Airavana project on multiple levels, encompassing everything from the redefinition of project scope to active project management, to the design of a user-centric product experience. My involvement in all these facets of the project was both challenging and deeply fulfilling, reflecting my commitment to comprehensive, quality user experience design.


Working on Optmyzr, my inaugural enterprise project presented a significant stepping stone in my career. It granted me the opportunity to delve into diverse aspects of design -- from honing complex product interactions to mastering the creation of an effective company marketing website. This venture not only provided a strong learning curve but also shaped the foundational pillars of my professional journey in design.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Mumbai, India

Freight Tiger is building logistics infrastructure to transform commerce in India. The platform helps you deliver your freight on time in full, every time. It does it through end-to-end logistics visibility and a cloud-based TMS, which together also power the largest Digital Freight Network in India.

2019 — 2022

f1Studioz is an Experience Design and Product Strategy firm. Specialized Product UX company. The team has helped many businesses solve their complex Product UX challenges and make the experience joyful for their users. Their leadership team consists of a brilliant combination of strong UX and Product Management - they ensure the end users are happy while the business needs are also met. The team members come from premier institutes like IIT, NID, and XLRI and have previously worked with companies like Oracle, Cordys, Microsoft, etc.

Throughout my time at f1studioz for the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to work on some value-driven domains like data privacy, customer success, and education, and as a result, we have delivered some impactful projects. I was part of a diverse team focusing on B2B products from discovery to deliverables covering a complete product development life cycle.

My process involved understanding the business problem statement and defining the right scope, discovery, brand and interaction design aspect of the project. Besides, I had an opportunity to mentor my fellow designers at work ensuring we meet our deadlines with end-to-end deliverables to business stakeholders.


2017 — 2018

Arena Animation offers industry relevant courses and is committed to skilling the youth. Arena not only provides our students technical skills, but also empowers them with interpersonal skills, which are mandatory for a good job.

2014 — 2017
BSC Statistics at Bankatlal Badruka College For Information Technology
Hyderabad, India
Data Visualization and Information Design: Create a Visual Model from Domestika

Enterprise Design Thinking, Practitioner
This person has completed the Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner Online Education Program. Their achievement was validated by IBM Design Global through course completion and real-world application, and against the criteria set by the Enterprise Design Thinking Center of Competence.