Shreshth Arora

Shreshth Arora

Engineer in Delhi 🔁 Bangalore, He/Him

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Builder of software things. Previously product and data engineer. Active in startup communities of Bangalore.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Wires of the Web

currently building

2022 — 2023
HSR Bangalore

• Joined the Data Engineering Team, contributing to the development and optimization of data infrastructure.
• Directly responsible for on-boarding of Data Pipelines for Ethereum NFTs, Ripple and Stellar
• Contributed to the larger initiative of migration of Astronomers to Airflow V2 saving $360k annually through the architecture revamp.
• Won First Position in internal company hackathon WAGMI
• Contributed in the revamp of the BigQuery data warehouse, built internal tools for its consistency and integrity
• Building Data Marts, for products to consume. Participated in migration for Apache Airflow 1.0 to Airflow 2.0
• Resolved Oncall issues and wrote playbooks for the team, addressing substantial internal engineering issues.
• Wrote multiple YAML-based DAGs for Daily Batch and Streaming ETL and enhanced data availability.
• Building a cutting-edge data platform to automate the chain onboarding process, streamlining operations and saving valuable engineering hours within a 3-6 month timeframe.
• Collaborated directly with the Engineering Managers and actively involved in various projects.
• Major learnings in building and managing Distributed Systems.
• Django, Celery, Redis, Postgres, Docker, GCP( Cloud Run, Container Registry, Cloud Build, SQL, Redis, BigQuery), Airflow, New Relic, Clickhouse, TigerGraph, DBT, Astronomer

2022 — 2022
  • Designed and implemented scalable production level Rest APIs with Django Rest Framework along with tests, and async tasks while writing Low-Level Design for the same.

  • Directly responsible for core product features like Telegram Payments, Courses, Failed Payment reporting, Pricing Logic, Payment Ledger APIs and Tools to recover lost GMV.

  • The above features in part led to a direct growth 100percent on GMV of the product.

2020 — 2021

• A logbook management solution for capstone projects was required by students and professors of TIET and this was designed as a solution for it. completed under guidance and mentorship of Dr. Sanjeev Bedi and Assistant Professor Ajay Jawanda

• Performed complete ‘Need Analysis‘ of Capstone projects across teams in TIET. Collaborated with team members using Git with Github Organisation for modifications and assignment of tasks while conducted standups and bringing memebers upto speed regularly. 30 . Lead the recruitment for Phase 2. (2021). Both Phase 1 and Phase 2 combine to more than 40 people.

• Designed the application using Django + Postgres + Nginx + Gunicorn while having dockerizing it and automating Pull Request testing via Github Actions.

• Launch and deployed in September 2020 and has recorded 800+ Users, with nearly 9,500+ Sessions and 85,000+ hits by July 2021

2020 — 2020
Remote - South Africa
  • Worked on Back-end System in Django for an e-commerce system’s Dashboard and Analytics.

  • Learned VueJS and programmed a user interface of single page application in it.

  • Brainstormed on multiple projects and collaborated on both design and code.

2019 — 2019

• Learned the basics of Web Design and Development with focus in Javascript both Back-end and Front-end

• Designed a Chat Application in Mongo + Express + Node with to establish performant connection between the users



Designed a COVID 19 specific Ventilator with Machine Learning Assistant.


designed a Healthcare System on Blockchain.

Best First Year Team Award from Makeathon TIET

built an application to find best team mates.


Highest Award a students get for exceptional performance in BBPS.


Designed a Pilferage Free Public Distribution System, Theme: Food security and Food production.


Constructed a robot from scratch under the rescue robot challenge


Designed and constructed a 4 wheeled robot


Designed an Innovative gadget Shoe with embedded GPS and Piezoelectric Charging Technology, organized by Nurture Talent Academy.


Designed, Manufactured and raced a miniature sized F1 car made from balsa wood and competed in its design and racing. Competed in more than 50 teams across India in this Stem Competition.



System for appointing vaccinations for both patients and hospitals to manage and organise easily

Qudio Health

Tech Stack : Hyperledger, Flutter , React, Express, NodeJS

Designed an Application for all Players in the medical industry in blockchain and a complete Medical Record Handling System with a web application. Solved major challenges with current and aimed to solve the medical history problem of patients across doctors and having a consolidated record handling system while ordering medicines from online medical pharmacies.

  • One Stop Application for Needs and Requirements of students and professors at Universities Campus, Solutions ranging from Academic Courses, Hostels, Attendance, Timetable, Student Organisation, Permissions.

  • Distributed Application Designed with Django in Back-end and React in Front-end. Deployed using GCP for Back-end and Front-end using Netlify.

Tech Stack : Python, Django, React, Postgres, GCP, AWS S3


A Visualisation of space telemetries. ”Show the world the data challenge” in 2019 edition of NASA Space Apps. The Application utilises NASA (open source) APIs, World Wind to combine a virtual 3D globe with respective satellite data fetched from NASA’s APIs. We (team) Developed an interactive UI website for efficient and easy analysis of API Data . The website uses the world winds framework to simulate the earth Model.

Tech Stack: Javascript, Rest APIs , NASA WorldWind API



Discussed the Fundamental Concepts of ‘Proof of Work‘ Based Blockchain Design used by Bitcoin. Divided into two connected YT Videos


A precursors to junior undergrads how they can utilise git and collaborate while discussing the ideas of Open Source


Hosted a Podcast with a rising personality from Indian tech industry and learned the basics of scripting and designing a podcast

Side Projects

Competiton Hunter

Designed an Application for easily hosting and organising competitions

Tech Stack: Django, REST APIs, Postgres, Heroku


2017 — 2018

Selected after very rigorous 5 interviews,Lead a team of 80+ Student Council Prefects with varied responsibilities and roles, Held key student roles for School Fete, Annual Day and Independence Day events of 2017

2016 — 2017

Lead a team of 8 active members and regularly organised community interaction events. Hosted major donation drive on occasion of Diwali and Blood Donation Camp via Rotaract in Spring of 2017