Andrew Shubnikov

Andrew Shubnikov

Frontend-developer in Moscow

instagram: @shbovv

4 months ago



I developed a set of landing pages for INCO by utilising the Laravel framework along with Sass and Vue.js.

& others


I successfully migrated an online store from the Shopify platform to InSales. This project involved a complete overhaul, including the recreating of all pages and CSS/JS components, optimization for faster website performance, and the implementation of various complex tasks: creating custom discounts, setting up bundle offers, and more.


I developed a website for a game server, handling both the frontend using Vue.js and SASS, as well as the backend with Laravel. The project also included SEO optimization and seamless integration with all game databases. I provided comprehensive support throughout the entire development cycle, starting from ground zero.

Side Projects


I have successfully developed a mobile application using React Native for my univeristy project, allowing users to track their daily mental state. The application enables users to add entries about their mental state, selecting from a range of emotions, and storing them in a local database. Additionally, I incorporated a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and data input.

Work Experience

2022 — 2024

I'm engaged in leading intricate projects, taking charge of the following:

  • Using Vue.js and React.js (+ TypeScript) frameworks to create a sophisticated gamification training system tailored for digital oil fields.

  • Developing the frontend for integration with the pSeven platform, utilizing Vue.js + TypeScript with asynchronous integration with API and the pSeven platform. Aggregating diverse data, crafting dashboards, and creating general Vue components for the project. Additionally, overseeing the management of the Linux Server for deployment.

  • I have hands-on experience working with Kubernetes, establishing clusters, configuring Linux servers, and providing ongoing support.

2019 — 2024

I specialize in front-end development using Vue.js/React and SCSS, backend programming, and the development of complex e-commerce websites, landings, and other software products. I have a passion for creating reusable components that can be used across different websites

2020 — 2021

I've created several one-page landing pages for events, utilizing a stack that includes SCSS and Pug for page development, as well as integration with the backend.


2022 — 2023

I volunteered for various events at my university, including open house days and programming competitions. My responsibilities included guiding and assisting visitors, communicating with prospective students, and ensuring the smooth execution of the programming competitions.