Peggy Shen

Peggy Shen

📍 CA, PA, WI, (she/her)


Artist-designer-student working with interfaces, creative technology, and data.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm co-leading the digital marketing team for Pittsburgh’s largest annual fashion show with 1,000+ attendees.

2023 — 2023
Pittsburgh, PA

I'm designing media and creative assets for Iris marketing, merchandise, and outreach. Iris Rover will be the first academic rover to explore the moon in 2023 — paving the way for lightweight alternatives to space exploration. 🌙

2022 — 2022
San Diego, CA

I customized webinar/presentation decks and UI/UX graphics across content networks to optimize branding, and integrated digital asset management systems with internal platforms. This involved designing team-specific dashboards, transferring 200+ assets, and simplifying metadata taxonomy.


2020 — Now
Bachelor of Humanities & Art (BHA) in Information Systems and Art at Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA

Concentrating in UI/UX and Electronic/Time-Based Media. Minor in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).



I developed a Ruby-based web application for managing internal employee operations at a café. The system was built with a strong emphasis on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) structure and ensuring security measures to grant appropriate access levels for different user types.


I produced a two-player competitive typing video game inspired by arcade, ASCII, and terminal. My role as producer involved leading the creative direction and overseeing project development of the game.


I designed and developed a fully-responsive website for Pittsburgh's Duquesne Incline to learn HTML/CSS/Javascript. User stories, wireframes, and user testing was done to clarify site navigation.

Side Projects


An explorative vessel to play with the pseudo-anonymity of internet identity. I'm nurturing my childhood memories, anime-inspired fantasies, and nostalgic ideals with amalgamation doodles, stream-of-consciousness illustrations, and formal drawing studies on Instagram.


A website journey + video homage to ASCII art and how the internet draws boundaries between reality and fantasy.



A few articles that offer a glimpse into my design process/thinking and provide a bit of documentation on the steps involved in bringing a design from concept to fruition. Staying transparent and practicing articulation :-)


Dean's List 2020-2023 from CMU BXA Program
Pieter C. Vink Scholarship Recipient from Philips Electronic Scholarship Foundation