Niranjan Udas

Niranjan Udas

Full Stack Developer in Pokhara, Nepal, He/Him

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5 months ago


I am an ambitious and motivated individual, constantly seeking new challenges. My passion lies in utilizing technology to address real-life issues, and I take great pride in my ability to assemble and lead high-performing teams that consistently deliver exceptional results.

Here's a comprehensive list of technologies I am comfortable with:

● HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript (ES6+)

● Responsive design principles and frameworks like Bootstrap


● Browser Developer Tools (e.g., Chrome Developer Tools)

● PHP (Laravel)

● Python (Django)

● RESTful API design and implementation

● Database management systems (MySQL, MariaDB)

● Authentication and authorization mechanisms (OAuth, JWT)

● Web server technologies (Apache, Nginx)

● Version control systems (Git)

● Certified AWS Developer Associate

● Knowledge of Agile development methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)



For SageX, an AI/ML company, I focused on Python extension development to create an emailbot. This innovative tool efficiently collects relevant attachments from incoming emails. Seamlessly integrated with SageX environment, it sends documents for processing, enhancing workflow automation.


Crafted Mercantile Consultancy's website using WordPress, leveraging its user-friendly interface and customized theme. Emphasizing responsiveness and SEO optimization, the site showcases the company's services professionally, ensuring a seamless user experience and enhanced online presence.


For Pokhara Food Delivery, I led a team to develop API and back-office setup using Laravel, a robust PHP framework. Building efficient APIs facilitated seamless communication between the app and servers. The back office, built for streamlined operations, managed orders and logistics. This enhanced user experience, optimizing food delivery services for Pokhara's residents.

Side Projects


At HolidayPasal, a travel management site, I managed various environments and deployment pipelines for both web and mobile platforms. I orchestrated the setup of AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure to support the robust demands leveraging services such as EC2 for scalable computing power, S3 for reliable storage, and SES for sending transnational emails. This comprehensive AWS setup empowered HolidayPasal to deliver a seamless travel management experience to its users while efficiently managing resources, deploying changes, and scaling with demand.


Pokhara, Nepal

WordPress is not new in Nepal. But most of the clients we come across are new to WordPress. Due to the lack of understanding of how WordPress works, the developers have been facing a lot of huddles. Through WordCamp, I want to share my experience on how I have managed to tackle these issues with a few easy steps. This session would be useful especially for those web developers, who are new to managing WP projects and meeting the expectations of the clients.

Work Experience

2022 — Now
2020 — 2022
2016 — 2020


2024 — 2024
Pokhara, Nepal

WordCamps are casual, community-driven conferences that delve into all things WordPress. These gatherings serve as occasions for the WordPress community to unite, where members impart the knowledge they’ve acquired over the year and spread in the collective WordPress enthusiasm.

2021 — 2023
AWS Community Builder at AWS

The AWS Community Builders program offers technical resources, education, and networking opportunities to AWS technical enthusiasts and emerging thought leaders who are passionate about sharing knowledge and connecting with the technical community.

2019 — 2021
AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador at AWS Educate

The AWS Educate Cloud Ambassador Program is for top-tier cloud educators who serve as ambassadors and evangelists for AWS Educate. These leaders share their knowledge and experience in teaching cloud computing with other educators at their institution, in their community, and around the world. Cloud Ambassadors are recognized in the education community, receive additional professional development, and are eligible for exclusive benefits for helping other educators provide cloud computing learning experiences for their students to prepare them for the modern workforce.

2003 — 2009
Lamachaur, Pokhara, Nepal


2022 — 2025

Earners of this certification have a fundamental understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud. They demonstrated cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge. Badge owners are able to identify essential AWS services necessary to set up AWS-focused projects.


In this specialization, I learnt about managing tasks and events within a Sprint, Scrum terminology and roles, Scrum reporting, and managing risks. It discussed Story Points and User Stories, scaling Scrum, Continuous Integration, test-Driven Development (TDD), and Behavior Driven Development (BDD).