Nikki Kuhn Designing

Nikki Kuhn Designing

Lead A11Y Designer in Philadelphia, She/Her


I am a neurodivergent UI/UX designer based in Philadelphia. My ADHD and dyslexia give me unique insight into the world, and they compel me to think of the big picture. Furthermore, these also play into my empathy, which guides me as an intuitive designer.

I love being involved in the end-to-end process and immersing myself in different team structures so that I can best understand the nuances of a given project. I am a highly motivated self-starter who specializes in rapid prototyping and high fidelity mock-ups, working with various teams to ensure that my designs are usable, simple, functional, pixel-perfect, and attractive, from conceptualization to implementation.

I have a passion for accessibility because I believe that there is strength in diversity. I believe that we lose out when we exclude others. I’m always working on educating others, sharing accessibility resources, and addressing concerns to enable us to create a more inclusive world. I believe that designers have the power to show that accessibility is beautiful.

Work Experience

2023 — Now

Sca11ywag is a woman- and disability-owned business started by Nikki Kuhn, an experienced design lead and IAAP Certified Web Accessibility Professional. With a deep commitment to inclusivity and innovation, Sca11ywag LLC specializes in providing expert guidance and solutions to make digital platforms and content accessible to individuals of all abilities. Leveraging extensive expertise in accessibility standards and design principles, the company collaborates with clients across various industries to ensure their digital products and services are usable and equitable for everyone. Sca11ywag LLC's unique perspective, driven by the lived experiences of its founder, empowers organizations to embrace accessibility as a core value while creating impactful and inclusive digital experiences.

2021 — 2023

Championed accessibility and inclusive design in all of Panorama Education's products, experiences, and services. I revamped the Design System in Figma to ensure accessibility, foster consistency, and creation of reusable components for scaling. I aimed to uncover key opportunities for driving impactful change that would benefit Panorama's business, users, and culture.

  • Elevated Panorama's offerings by transforming an outdated strategy library through discovery, user interviews, and tests to optimize engagement, resulting in an 18% usage surge and surpassing set goals.

  • Orchestrated cross-functional collaboration to refine the Design System, establishing user-friendly guidelines for seamless implementation across teams.

  • Guided designers in enhancing the inclusivity and scalability of designs through mentoring sessions and design reviews.

  • Empowered team members by pioneering and overseeing a multitude of affinity groups, including Disability Allies, Neurodivergent, Mental Health Awareness, and Disability Care.

  • Implemented an Accessibility confluence space to raise awareness and education about accessibility best practices, find valuable insights to refine communication, and access resources based on their specific needs and accommodations.

  • Supported accessibility audits and VPATs, affirming adherence of products to AA WCAG standards.

2014 — 2021

Engaged directly with clients, investors, leadership, collaborators, researchers, and users to decipher ways to enrich user experiences while balancing business goals with customer needs. I cultivated and enhanced client relationships across various projects spanning several Fortune 500 enterprises, often extending project lifecycles and streamlining client workflows.

  • Revolutionized client's inventory management by creating an innovative mobile application, involving nationwide travel for interviews, tests, and piloting, leading to 90% reduction in device shrink, 100% nationwide adoption, and recognition for innovation in employee experience.

  • Drove innovative design solutions for complex problems throughout the product lifecyle, including research & discovery, facilitation, strategy, ideation, interactive prototyping, launch, and testing

  • Facilitated design thinking workshops with cross-functional teams to challenge assumptions and brainstorm innovative solutions.

  • Mentored junior designers to support and help develop their confidence and ambition.

  • Co-founded the Accessibility Task Team to enhance Accenture's offerings to their clients.

  • Implemented the Accessibility Championship Program, instating mandatory accessibility training sessions and empowering all team members, designers, developers, QA testers, product managers, and more to enhance their accessibility expertise.

  • Administered an exclusive Slack channel, providing a secure space for neurodivergent team members to exchange strategies, challenges, and insights.


  • Retail
  • Telecommunication
  • Investment Banking
  • Financial Services/Products
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • eCommerce
  • Industrial
  • Chemicals
2021 — 2021

The On Deck Designer Fellowship is an eight-week remote program for ambitious designers who want to hone their skills, increase their impact and grow as leaders. The program combines a step-by-step curriculum and an incredible community of peers to help fellows become effective design leaders.

2006 — 2014

Founded the Graphic Design Department and provided full creative services to the entire company in various mediums, including print collateral and interactive and digital platforms. I was deeply involved in shaping the visual identity of Hamilton Lane's brand. From the inception and execution of graphic identity guidelines and brand persona to creating and maintaining corporate templates and compelling marketing materials, I've left my mark in ensuring a consistent and impactful brand presence.

  • Formed and managed the Graphic Design Department while furnishing creative solutions across diverse mediums encompassing print collateral, interactive interfaces, and digital platforms.

  • Formulated, executed, and sustained graphic identity guidelines, brand persona, corporate templates, and impactful marketing materials.

  • Refined data visualizations to be more accessible and understandable for a broad spectrum of audiences and platforms.

  • Spearheaded dynamic marketing campaigns and digital initiatives, propelling brand recognition, nurturing customer loyalty, and strengthening market reach.

  • Structured training sessions and guidelines to promote understanding and adoption of the Adobe Creative Suite products.


Accessibility Champions Program at Accenture

Nikki co-founded the Accessibility Task Team with people who believe that Accessibility should be the foundation of every project. Together, they work to bring more awareness and education around Accessibility.

Nikki's focus is on building out an educational roadmap for the Accessibility Champions Program. She and her team sourced learning materials and training to teach the foundational knowledge of Accessibility to their entire group which consists of designers, developers, QA, product managers, etc. The roadmap shows a path to become certified in Accessibility so that the trainees become the trainers.

Inventory App at Fortune 50 Company

An inventory tracking solution was needed to accurately manage over $150M of nationwide inventory across more than 500 stores. Their previous system failed to properly track mobile devices which led to an exuberantly high shrink rate. The business's goal was to have real-time validation amongst physical inventory, both serialized and nonserialized, and the store's transactions during their ongoing inventory counts.


I went out into the field, as often as I could, not only to observe the inventory count but to also immerse myself in the full process. This helped me to get a true understanding of who my users are and I was able to quickly identify many pain points. Much of which wasn’t covered in the training processes and, therefore, wasn’t known to the business. I revealed my findings to leadership and quickly moved to design a solution that would fit the needs of the user and satisfy the business's concerns.


During the design process, I would collaborate with the product owner, developers, operations team, and stakeholders to create a solution that would work for all.


I had the luxury to test frequently and often with the users. This gave me the ability to design a process that was intuitive to them and used the language that they were familiar with. The users felt like their voices were being heard as they saw the evolution of the designs address their concerns and suggestions.


After each release, our team would pilot with a few stores to work out any bugs. As time went on and the inventory process improved, more and more stores were eager to volunteer to pilot.


  • 100% adoption across all stores, nationwide, and over 1,000 employees
  • 90% reduced device shrink
  • 300+ hours of labor saved
  • Awarded for 
Innovation in Employee Experience at a company-wide ceremony.


“ I’m very excited about where the team is going because we constantly get better, every single week, every single month ”

Product Owner

“ I want to thank the team for helping to simplify the counts... and creating a system that helps us find the errors so that when something goes wrong, we are able to fix it... it’s been great ”

Retail Manager

“ Before this product came out I used to schedule my flex-time to avoid the counts. After this product, it has given me so much more time back to my team to train, to develop, to coach. The fact that I am in control of my inventory... it makes my job 1,000x easier. ”

Retail Manager

“ The process is so much easier... 
I enjoy it, I love it. ”

Retail Employee



The IAAP Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC) credential is IAAP's foundational certification, representing broad, cross-disciplinary conceptual knowledge about 1) disabilities, 2) accessibility and universal design, and 3) accessibility-related standards, laws, and management strategies.


The IAAP CPWA designation is awarded only to those who have achieved and support both our CPACC and WAS certification programs.


The IAAP Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) credential is a technical level exam for an individual with at least an intermediate level of detailed technical knowledge about the WCAG guidelines and other related web accessibility topics. This exam is not intended for beginners or those without regular hands-on experience in writing, remediating, or identifying accessibility issues in code.

IAAP WAS Certification Preparation Curriculum 2.0 from Deque University


2002 — 2005
Bachelor of Graphic Design at Art Institute of Philadelphia


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