Software Product Designer in Los Angeles


Multi-disciplinary Product Designer working on the intersection of new technologies. With experience across multiple mediums and a strong technical foundation, I bring a well-balanced perspective to my work and the team.



Work Experience

2020 — Now

• Currently leading the redesign efforts for an access control software system, working closely with Product, Engineering, and Executive teams to meet and exceed industry standards.
• Spearheaded initiatives to enhance usability and expand features, driving improvements in user experience.
• Actively conducted industry and user research, often utilizing interviews and transcription software to identify and analyze user pain points.
• Established company-wide user research and testing protocols to validate design decisions and guide future improvements.

2018 — 2020
Los Angeles

• Served as a founding designer, playing one of the key roles in shaping the company's vision and establishing its augmented reality storytelling platform from inception.
• Took a leading role in assembling a development team and actively participated in project management, particularly during the initial stages of the augmented reality platform's development.
• Actively participated in the full cycle of research, design, and development.
• Offered strategic guidance on the selection of AR technology stacks, contributing to informed business strategy decisions.
• Crafted user-centric UI and UX designs that not only simplified implementation for developers but also elevated the overall user experience.
• Collaborated closely with developers for seamless handoff, leveraging the latest AR native technologies and proactively planning for future advancements in the AR space.

2015 — 2018
Kyiv, Ukraine

Sensorama Lab is a research and development innovation lab that focuses on AR, VR, and virtual production.

• Delved into the capabilities of virtual reality, researching its potential applications and limitations.
• Conducted hands-on testing of various input methods for both VR and AR, contributing to the optimization of user experiences.
• Contributed to a diverse range of projects, from creating VR documentaries to developing spatial sound experiences.
• Had the opportunity to collaborate on high-impact projects such as the Chornobyl 360
• Assisted in the development of interactive assets and materials, enriching the immersiveness of various VR/AR experiences.

2017 — 2018
Los Angeles

• Played a key role in the conceptualization and development of high-potential domain names such as,,, and
• Conducted comprehensive planning, research, design, and testing for web projects across multiple sectors.
• Implemented product improvements based on customer feedback and evaluations, aiming to enhance user experience.
• Presented design concepts and progress to various stakeholders, including senior management and external partners.

2014 — 2016
Saint George, Utah

• Spearheaded the design efforts for multiple mobile products (iOS, Android, Web) in a fast-paced Agile development environment
• Partnered with the senior project manager to establish project objectives, timelines, and actionable plans, ensuring alignment with business goals.
• Contributed to the entire creative process, from copywriting to design execution, optimizing user experiences across multiple products.
• Provided innovative design solutions that addressed specific challenges and contributed to achieving business objectives.

2015 — 2016
Saint George, Utah

• Contributed to the design and development of my university's website ( as a member of the IT Department during my academic studies.
• Conducted user research and usability tests to identify areas for website improvement, leading to an increase in user engagement.
• Developed custom web elements using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, adding interactive features that increased site functionality.
• Managed regular website updates, ensuring content accuracy and compliance with accessibility standards.

2013 — 2014
Design Intern at TouchMe
Kyiv, Ukraine

• Gained hands-on experience designing interactive projects using cutting-edge technologies such as Microsoft Kinect and Leap Motion.
• Localized the Stanford Design Thinking process for a Ukrainian audience through the adaptation of the City X project, with a focus on imparting design thinking skills to children. Worked with children to introduce them to the project.


Vision App Concept at Apple

After purchasing Apple Vision Pro, I envisioned a companion app that would enhance user experience of managing your Vision Pro.


I lead the redesign of, an e-commerce platform, along with its companion augmented reality (AR) mobile app.

This project focused on creating an e-commerce store and driving user engagement by incorporating advanced AR technology. This integration allowed users to not only purchase merchandise but also to interactively experience it within the app, enhancing both the utility and enjoyment of the shopping process.


Culture DAO was created by Edward Saatchi, the 2x Primetime Emmy and Peabody Award winning CEO of The Simulation and cofounder of Oculus Story Studio. i joined the DAO in 2020 and took a leading role in organizing its first hackathon, as well as contributing to the government body of the DAO and management of Discord Server.


Using spatial sounds and augmented reality to help visually-impaired people navigate their surroundings.

We won in the following categories:
• Best AR/VR for Good
• Best Everyday Mobile Hack
• Leadership Award.


A new way to learn about one of the most impactful nuclear disasters in human history using virtual reality.

Side Projects


During Reality Presence Platform Hackathon we worked on Immersive Theater app for Quest Pro


Using spatial sounds and augmented reality to help visually impaired people navigate their surroundings.

We won in the following categories:
• Best AR/VR for Good
• Best Everyday Mobile Hack
• Leadership Award.



2023 — Now