Julien fesquet

Julien fesquet

Brand design in France


I'm really excited about growing my skills and experience as a type designer and brand strategist. I'm always eager to see tangible results and I'm passionate about designing all kinds of letterforms. Over time, I've gained valuable insights from working with different industries and this has helped me figure out what I'm really passionate about.
I believe in making things both enjoyable and practical, and I'm doing everything I can to help you achieve your goals with ease. My focus is on typography and I love everything from designing type and logos to offering advice on visuals. My ultimate aim is to take your brand to new heights by presenting its core message in the most clear and innovative visual form possible.



Commissioned by Tomorrow Bureau to build a custom typeface in a brand context, Proto Edition, a side project they made in-house to explore new horizons.

Work Experience

2017 — Now

We do creative direction, sometimes brands, type, sometimes books for prints & online projects.
We craft brands that connect design with purpose and emotion.

Run by Romain Pedeboscq and Jules Fesquet; distinctives with complementary visions carefully-managed to build sustainables solutions for your projects.

Our fee per day ( 💬 Ask Here ) enables us to give your project the attention and care its deserves. The price is set up in a full transparency way, based on the amount of work it needs.

2022 — Now


2007 — 2011