Joe Li

Joe Li

product designer in toronto, he/him


4 months ago

Work Experience

2022 — 2024
Toronto, ON

designed and shipped a new homepage for recruiters to support task management across lever

also worked on some data compliance, candidate texting, and design system projects

2021 — 2022
Toronto, ON

a friend to the design system. also a people pleaser to company clients (in the name of healthcare)

2021 — 2021
Designer at Daybreak, Lazer Technologies, & Airfoil Studio
Vancouver, BC

the amount of mistakes i made doing my taxes as a freelancer was not fun

2020 — 2021
Waterloo, ON

i can't believe a reputable educational institution let the worst student TA two design courses

2019 — 2020
Design Intern at OpenText,, League, & ApplyBoard
Waterloo, ON

on waterloo campus, there's this building where students take internship interviews. i've definitely cried there

2017 — 2018

i think i owe my entire design career to joining yearbook in high school


2019 — 2021
Waterloo, ON

grew the design community, made good friends

2019 — 2021
Waterloo, ON

designed projects for non-profits in the waterloo region


2016 — 2021
Waterloo, ON

someone let me design a city PLEASE