Jakub Staniszewski

Jakub Staniszewski

Digital maker in London, UK., He/Him

Looking for a role in design/development.

7 months ago


Ones & Zeroes at Flipside Programme

[wip] Helping the workforce of tomorrow get ready for employment in a digital world.


Redefining a classic brand for a new generation.


Conceptual AR scanner for screw heads/drives aimed at tradespeople and DIY'ers.


Exploration of communicating time via colour


Playlists for cultural hotspots, curated by the people who know it best.

Submission for D&AD New Blood Awards 2021



Helvetica, the default.

2000 words on a typography classic.


Best at Graphic Design from Stanmore College

Awarded 'Best at Graphic Design' out of all students on any creative courses for that academic year. I was also nominated for two other categories.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Hybrid working within London
2023 — 2023
Flipside Programme at A New Direction
2022 — 2022
Melbourne, Derby

2 week placement in a live studio environment with The One Off Melbourne Digital Design team. I worked on way-finding and product finder experiences for Frasers Group brands as well as concepting and ideation work.


2022 — 2022

Raised over £2650 for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine via the sales of A3-A5 posters that were printed via Risograph. Me and other students from Graphic Design & Illustrations put forward designs to be printed and sold. The group/event was highly successful with our main supporting lecturer stating it was his most proudest moment he's felt in his lecturing career thus far. I aided the group in the following ways:

  • Lead Organiser. Me and 2 other students became lead organisers for the group by stepping up to take on the most roles and doing most of the decision making.
  • Risograph Operator. In our print run for the event, the group was able to output around 270-300 A3 sheets in 4 hours of 20 different designs that featured 2-3 colours. I took the lead in operating the Risograph and handled faults and any issues that came up.
  • Sales. We did payment via direct donation to charities, packaging posters into transport material/plastic sheets if they weren't already and keeping count of the money we raised by logging data onto a Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  • Photography. I took photographs during the event for safe keeping and promotion/marketing via Instagram.


2019 — 2022
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at Nottingham Trent University

BA (Hons) Graphic Design - First Class Honours

2017 — 2019
UAL Extended Diploma at Stanmore College

Creative Media Production - Merit


Learning Type Design at LinkedIn Learning

What makes a typeface great, Serifs, Stroke angle, weight & contrast, Shape variations, Finding good models, Typeface vs. lettering, Drawing the basic glyphs, Producing a functioning font, Printing critiquing and revising.

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design at Google, via Coursera

Product Development life cycle, Design Thinking, Design Sprints, UX Research (Types of Research, Methods, Researcher Qualities, Biases in UX Research), Interviewing for UX, Empathy Maps, Pain Points & Personas