Jake Lee Haugen

Jake Lee Haugen

Lead Product Designer in Denver, CO

Grinding towards beautiful and usable web3 UX

A year ago


Whitespace connoisseur. Helping design simple, honest & powerful user interfaces that do good for people. Product (UI/UX) design for web3 via MetaMask.


Intuitive gas controls at MetaMask

Gas is one of the most confusing parts of Ethereum and our UI was outdated and confusing. Prompted by protocol level changes, MetaMask needed to update its gas controls. This project has gone through multiple iterations, the visuals you see below are a version 2.

Swaps at MetaMask

Token swapping is one of Ethereum's biggest use cases. We created an "aggregator" product that searches multiple liquidity pools to find the best prices. I led design and paired with a User Researcher for usability testing.

Side Projects


Exploring gamification and "flow" states with game design. I designed, built and launched an iOS game called "Sero". The game has over 50,000 downloads.


Deckers, CO

Workshop @ Rad Summit



Article I wrote in 2014 that went a bit viral.

Work Experience

2020 — Now
Lead Product Designer at Metamask

Led design for MetaMask Swaps & EIP-1559 gas UX for extension and mobile platforms. Now focused on growing the design practice and leading the team designing swaps, on-ramps, staking and bridging.

2018 — 2020
Lead Product Designer at Procotols / ConsenSys

Led design for the blockchain protocol engineering group at ConsenSys (PegaSys). Helped design the developer experience for Hyperledger Besu and the Eth2 client Teku.

2017 — 2018
Senior User Experience Designer at The Trade Desk
Boulder, CO

Led UX projects and mentored designers to grow the design practice. Helped establish user testing and introduced personas and journey mapping into the design process.

2016 — 2017
Staff User Experience Designer at Pivotal Labs
Boulder, CO

Moved to Pivotal Labs via the acquisition of Slice of Lime. Worked with developers in an agile environment. Started as a Senior User Experience Designer and was promoted to Staff User Experience Designer after a year. Led UX projects and helped grow the UX process at Pivotal.

2014 — 2016
Senior User Experience Designer at Slice of Lime
Boulder, OC

Started as a mid-level designer and was promoted to Senior after a year. Led design projects and helped clients use design thinking and prototyping to innovate. Slice of Lime was acquired by Pivotal in 2016.

2012 — 2014
User Experience Designer at The Nerdery
Minneapolis, MN

Started as an Associate UX Designer. Learned the UX process, had great mentors and led many UX and visual design projects.

2010 — 2012
Designer at Windmill Design
Minneapolis, MN

Worked with clients on branding, web design and front-end development projects.

2005 — 2010
Designer at Lucid Mind Designs
Minneapolis, MN

Worked with my own clients and contracted with various advertising agencies for ~5 years. This was my informal design education.