Hwi Lee

Hwi Lee

Design for Big Sur AI

All things design and quality for Big Sur AI. Previously Head of Design for Neeva, and UX Lead for Web Platform at Google Chrome.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
2021 — 2023

Design for Neeva Team, 2022 — May 2023
Design for Neeva Growth, Go-To-Market, Products, 2021 — May 2023

2018 — 2021
UX Lead — Web Platform at Chromium and Chrome

Founded and grew the web platform UX team
Served as the design manager
Shipped web platform features and products

2013 — 2017
Sr. Designer — Chrome at Google

Shipped browser improvements and features

2010 — 2013
Designer — AdMob at Google

Migration of AdMob’s mobile advertiser and publisher products into Google Ads

2007 — 2010
Designer at startups

AdMob (now Google), Ring.io, Pie Digital, IWI Lab (now Kakao), Angel.com (now Genesys)

1998 — 2004
Designer at design agencies

Nutility, Agency.com, and DesignStorm
Corp web sites, user research, and web apps for Samsung, LG, Amore Pacific, and SK


2005 — 2006
Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon
1994 — 1998
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology


NeevaAI Go-To-Market at Neeva

Launching NeevaAI products via GTM channels, Press, Product Hunt, and Social Media


· Neeva Spaces
· Cookie Cutter extension
· Marketing home neeva.com and sign-up flow
· Free Basic tier
· Premium membership
· Experiments on mobile and web
· Social media imagery production

Web Platform UX 2018-2021

For users, developers, and partners, I, as the UX Lead, guided the project teams to design the web platform offerings: Payments and Web ID/Auth APIs, Device capability APIs, Web Permissions, Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, Page Speed Insights, web.dev, and PWAs.

HTML Form Control Refresh

Improved the default styles on Chromium and Chrome, in collaboration with Microsoft Edge team

Quiet Permission Request

Designed for the multi-layer solutions to avoid abusive notifications

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Rolled out the installable web app experience on Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux, which led to developer adoptions


Established the UI patterns with improved usability, which led to design system revamp and product expansion


Launched a new brand and a new home for canonical resources for web development

Dialogs on Chromium and Chrome

Audited, proposed directions for, specified, and assisted in shipping of the dialog patterns on Chromium and Chrome browser



I'm a KS fan so it's a big deal for me = )
Neeva's 2022 April fool's announcement 😉 #teamwork


As the lead designer, who led, designed, and shipped the UI iterations, I wrote the rationale on the design choices in the section 4.1 New UI for the notification permission prompt.


As the lead designer on the Google Chrome side in the joint effort with Microsoft Edge, I proposed, reviewed, and coordinated the publication of this article.


Making of web.dev, Meggin Kearney, the co-lead of web.dev, talks about the web.dev design process and my contribution of introducing and leading the process.


Career journey as a web designer at Chrome Developer Summit, Pre-event for Women and Allies
San Francisco

15 minute talk, and group panel discussions


My experience, skills, approach

Before Neeva, I worked at Google as the UX Lead for Chrome Web Platform, and also as a designer for Chrome Browser, Chrome OS, and Google Ads. Before Google, I designed for startups and corporations, mostly on the web.

— Skills
Product design, UI design, Figma, Principle, HTML/CSS/JS,
UX audit, UI implementation review, Accessibility review,
Bug report/collaboration, Workshop facilitation, Interviews, Managing UX team

— Approach
I create and improve software products that assist consumers, developers, and customers to do their jobs well.

I take complex problems, unpack them into concrete explanations and user interfaces, and ensure quality implementation.

Attentive collaboration with cross functional groups is essential in my day-to-day practices.


A light-weight story of the Neeva team developing and shipping the Cookie Cutter name and logo, which were deviated from the original Neeva brand colors, geometry, and name.


Bug reports to fix and ship the implementation of the Form Control Refresh and Dark Mode (2019-2021) with accuracy per the design spec, in collaboration with Microsoft Edge Engineering


Developed the eye dropper of <input type=color>, incorporating interactive mocks to discuss variations, in collaboration with Microsoft Edge Engineering


Guided the process of making dialogs on Chrome desktop browser more usable on screen readers


Guided a Chrome feature team making choices on dialog modalities toward the Chrome's design system direction




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