Hiskia Pratama

Hiskia Pratama

Web Engineer in Indonesia, He/him

Work from home

A year ago


Hi, I'm Hiskia, a 21 y/o web engineer with 3 years of experience. I specialize in using Laravel and NodeJS to create websites and have extensive experience in designing and implementing databases with PostgreSQL. Additionally, I am proficient in deploying websites on Linux servers, including Ubuntu and CentOS. I am also skilled in utilizing Nginx, Docker, and CI/CD. Currently, I am in my final semester pursuing a bachelor's degree in computer science.



Work Experience

2024 — Now
  • Rewrite API using C# & ASP .NET Core

  • Integrated backend systems with web3 smart contracts

  • Implemented crypto payment gateway integration

2021 — 2024
Semarang, Indonesia
  • Developed a dashboard, report, and API for recording sales reports from client employees (hundreds of
    thousands of data entries), resulting in improved efficiency for clients and reduced manual error
  • Implemented data export optimization using queues, resulting in an 80% reduction in export time
  • Integrated third-party APIs into the Reprime system
  • Managed web server using Centos, Nginx, and Git, and improve performance using PgBouncer and reserve
2019 — 2019
Semarang, Indonesia
  • Developed an API for the shipping system (estimation and integration with third-party providers)
  • Created a web-based employee training system with final test (more efficient for tracking progress of
    hundreds to thousands of employees)
  • Developed a dashboard, report, and API for recording employee work results (facilitating easy report
    tracking for clients and direct export to excel)


2020 — 2024
Semarang, Indonesia
  • Relevant Coursework: Modeling and Simulation, Probability and Statistics, Object-Oriented Programming, Database Systems, Digital Image Processing, Data Structures, Algorithm Strategies
2023 — 2023
  • Studied Python Automation and Data Analytics.
  • Learned the fundamentals of machine learning, including Math for ML, up to the Deployment stage.
  • Participated in ILT Soft Skills sessions such as Growth Mindset, Time Management, and others, as well as ILT English sessions.