Farshad Sadri

Farshad Sadri

Lead Product Designer

Building Creative Teams that
Help Brands to Shine, and
Elevate User-Centric Experiences

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Experienced Lead Product Designer with a proven track record in web, mobile, and robust interactive design systems. Demonstrated expertise in crafting innovative products for diverse markets, including commercial, retail, financial, and non-traditional sectors. Skilled in strategic brand and identity design, emphasizing business goals, scalability, timeless aesthetics, and re-brand strategies to elevate market positioning and effectively engage the target audience.

Delivering satisfactory results since 2001, have delighted over +200 clients, consistently surpassing expectations.



Work Experience

2020 — Now
Lead Designer - Product Design (UX/UI), Brand Design at Freelancer
  • Created 5 Design Systems and 8 Brand Design / Rebrand projects so far.

  • Delivering quality services achieving an average of %95 client satisfaction based on follow-up feedback.

  • Active consultant for 4 design teams helping with strategy, brand, UX, design process, and design system.

  • Projects on: Rebranding, Visual Language Design, Design System, Product Design, UXD, Presentation Design and Brand Design.

2022 — 2024
Lead Product Designer at Solution Community
  • Recognized with Innovation Award for pioneering endeavors in product design.

  • Led a diverse international team of 4-5 designers, streamlining collaboration and communication processes, resulting in smoother workflows and enhanced teamwork.

  • Established a clear product design strategy, ensuring the focus on timely and clear deliveries and innovative features.

  • Created a comprehensive Design System with 100+ reusable components focused on usability (UX), accessibility, and scalability.

  • Designed MVP and prototypes, incorporating user-centric design principles, laying the foundation for user feedback and adoption measurements.

2018 — 2020
  • Created and developed a live design system and reduced development time by at least 50% (Dev team report).

  • Designed 650+ screens for Hoozas products on desktop and mobile with functioning prototypes and 180+ unique icons (font icon and SVG).

  • Led the design of 6 different products, and increased user engagement by 30% (analytics). Designed and developed marketing campaigns landing pages.

  • Designed and implemented a working PWA mobile app in 7 days using the created design system.

  • Developed front-end UI with Buefy (Vue.js library based on Bulma).

2017 — 2018
Design & UI/UX Lead at Monta
  • Successfully rebranded and refreshed the visual language, enhancing market positioning and communication with targeted audiences.

  • Led the company design team, incorporating design thinking and revolutionizing design strategy.

  • Achieved over 73% increase in user satisfaction through a complete product redesign (survey).

  • Implemented an interactive design system, reducing development time and costs by 6 months.

  • Delivered 750+ screens, spanning mobile, desktop, apps, and landing pages, along with 1500+ visual items for marketing, social media, presentations, and more.

2016 — 2017
Senior Visual Designer at Naqshine | Design & Color
  • Pioneered digital mock-up and product prototyping techniques, slashing client feedback and delivery times by nearly 300%.

  • Collaborated with 10+ remarkable food industry factories on innovative product packaging projects.

  • Ensured consistent visual language and styles by implementing effective documentation systems in relevant projects.

2015 — 2016
Marketing Manager at ZarinPal
  • Developed a comprehensive 50-page annual marketing strategies plan, securing future funding from investors.

  • Orchestrated a successful product launch marketing campaign, resulting in a smoother transition and 14% lower customer support entries than anticipated.

  • Achieved a remarkable 6-month decrease in customer acquisition cost by $2 through strategic brand exposure initiatives.

  • Conducted extensive market research and SWOT analysis to identify market needs and translate them into actionable product requests.

  • Held overall responsibility for brand management, corporate identity, and image.

2009 — 2015
Creative Director at eLink Interactive Studio
  • Consistently achieved 98% client satisfaction across all projects, delivering top-quality results (surveys, follow-ups).

  • Skillfully managed and led a team of 6-10 designers and developers, fostering a collaborative and productive environment.

  • Defined efficient project workflows and effectively managed team dynamics for streamlined operations.

  • Excellently grasped client requirements, transforming them into creative ideas and precise technical specifications.

  • Proactively identified and implemented the latest technologies, design trends, and industry standards to stay at the forefront of innovation.

2009 — 2010
R&D & Technology Manager at Fanavaran Padir
  • Led part-time research and communication initiatives, exercising capabilities in exploring innovative solutions.

  • Successfully re-branded the company's identity and skillfully implemented a WordPress website.

  • Conducted in-depth research on Building Management Systems (BMS) & Smart Home solutions, fostering 10 new business connections and leveraging new technologies.

  • Spearheaded commercial initiatives and communications with 6 European & Asian partners, importing cutting-edge technologies and related infrastructures.

2007 — 2009
Senior Graphic and Web Designer at eLink Interactive Studio
  • Elevated professional skills, doubling deliverables, and achieving deadlines 20% ahead of schedule.

  • Spearheaded over 500 successful technical interviews, leading to 50 successful designer recruitments.

  • Pioneered agency expansion by proposing three new services in product packaging and web integration.

2004 — 2007
Web and Graphic Designer at eLink Interactive Studio
  • Successful amendments to the web design techniques, resulting in more quality deliverables to clients.

  • Worked and gained experience in product packaging design.

  • Learned to work and develop websites and multimedia applications using Adobe Flash technologies (previously Macromedia Flash).

2002 — 2004
Freelance Web and Graphic Designer at Freelancer
  • Designing various print graphics and identities

  • Upgrading knowledge & learning new techniques with actual clients

  • Gaining more professional experience with satisfied clients

2002 — 2002
Junior Web Designer at DATAK Telecom
  • Spearheaded the design of the new interactive website of the company incorporating the latest standards at the time, utilizing both Flash and HTML elements.

  • Collaborated with the programming team to implement the theme on a custom PHP platform.

  • Responsible for crafting visually appealing graphics for both online and print materials.

2001 — 2002
Web Design Intern at Farabar Information Technology
  • Acquired proficiency in web design skills and toolsets.

  • Gained hands-on experience in coding and designing processes.

  • Developed a keen interest in bridging the gap between design and development, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and UI/UX development.

  • Demonstrated reliability and earned management trust, leading to active participation in two key projects.

  • Contributed to a collaborative and dynamic work environment during a fulfilling year of internship.



🏆 Recognized with the "Innovation Award" by Solution. This is a testament to the incredible efforts of our Design Team, whose creativity and dedication drive our innovative spirit. Grateful for the collaborative journey. Thank you to the amazing team! 🚀


2004 — 2009
BSc, Computing & Information Systems at Goldsmiths, University of London

Graduation Project:
HCI Impact on Information Systems: Investigating HCI on Medical Emergency Systems

2002 — 2004
GCE & GCE Advanced, Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Physics, Statistics at edexcel International by Pearson UK

British A-Level & A-level Advanced Courses



Rebrand, Visual Language Design, Web Design, Presentation Design


Rebrand, Visual Language Design, Product Packaging Design, Marketing Material Design, Presentation Design


Nazdik is a comprehensive investment platform designed to empower users to invest intelligently, conveniently, and securely. Offering user-friendly and accessible micro-investment and asset management features, Nazdik addresses the challenges of navigating complex financial markets.

I led a transformative project focused on rebranding and redesigning both the web app and website. Through this initiative, users gained access to personalized investment plans tailored to their financial goals. Additionally, I developed a comprehensive Design System and established a robust visual language that effectively conveyed Nazdik's brand identity and values.

Services: Rebrand, Visual Language Design, Design System, Product Design, UXD, Presentation Design


In this project, I collaborated with KANLAN, a forward-thinking architecture studio, to elevate its online presence. I designed the website into a visually captivating and interactive platform that showcased KANLAN's unique architectural philosophy, minimal design approach, cultural authenticity, and achievements.

The outcome was a significant 405% increase in KANLAN's visibility and reach (analytics), attracting almost triple international clients (internal report) and top architectural talents seeking to collaborate with a reputable and award-winning firm. This transformation positioned KANLAN as a leading architectural studio, solidifying its reputation and fostering growth opportunities within the global market.

Scope: Visual Language, Presentation Design, WordPress


Visual Language Design, Design System, Product Design, UXD, Presentation Design



These principles, born from years of experience and countless projects, transcend the confines of technology and medium, offering timeless insights that can elevate your design practice and inspire your creative journey.

2013 — 2015
IELTS Academic from IELTS Official

(Overall 7.5)

Rescue & First Aid from Red Crescent Society of Iran

Credential ID 7/325


2017 — 2020
  • Active Translator

  • Persian language of the Matomo (Piwik) team coordinator

2015 — 2019
  • Translated TED video subtitles to Persian.

  • Helped with transcription.

2014 — 2015
Localization Specialist at Microsoft

I helped with the style and translation of Microsoft ToDo when it was an open-source software called Wunderlist.

2005 — 2009
Volunteer Activist at CAL: Center for Animal Lovers in Iran
  • Tried to increase public awareness about animal welfare.

  • Designed & maintained website.

  • Participated in homeless or injured urban animals' pickups and sheltering them.

  • Food donations collection.