Emrah Kara

Emrah Kara

Designer in London

Expert product designer with over a decade of experience, focused on harmonizing UX/UI principles with business objectives and user needs. Specialized in design systems, UX research translation, and productivity enhancement. Proven track record of driving user engagement and boosting business metrics across diverse industries. Proficient Figma and other design tools.





Kyla is a California-based startup that consists of data scientists, software engineers, and managers who have been developing a disease Bayesian Network that incorporates 100s of diseases (soon to be 1000s) and can predict which question to ask at which time that will make the most impact.


Crisp is a messaging platform for startups and S&Bs, running a chatbox/live chat service on 100k+ user websites, based on a freemium model where the paid users get access to more advanced customer support features, such as unlimited messaging history, a CRM, etc...


Brand creation for Finu involved a thoughtful, data-driven process. Detailed market analysis, surveys, and direct conversations informed the conceptualization of ideas. Despite potential resistance, creativity prevailed over skepticism, shaping a roadmap that resulted in a distinct brand. The brand attributes include minimalism, modernity, joyfulness, and fairness, which resonate with the target demographic.

Side Projects


"Sensations," delves into the unknown realms of mortal feelings and depicts them in an unprecedented way.

Through the use of anonymous human silhouettes, visual indicators, and emotion-driven compositions, it seeks to create digital artworks that capture the raw intensity and nuance of our deepest sensations. Whether it is the thrill of desolation, the pain of loss, or the glimpse of hope, it conveys these emotions in a way that is both intimate and universal.

The artist believes that art has the power to connect us to something deeper within ourselves and to each other, and with "Sensations," he hopes to create a visual tapestry that speaks to the shared experiences of being human. Whether you are an artist or simply someone who appreciates the power of art, this project aims to evoke a sense of wonder and connection to the world within you.


Music and Me is a project designed to acquaint children with some of Turkey's lesser-known and forgotten historical instruments. We selected 20 unique instruments and reimagined them with a cartoonish flair to captivate young audiences. Each character was meticulously sketched, deliberated over, and then digitally colorized.

Along with the vibrant visuals, each instrument has its own dedicated page where children can learn basic information about the instrument and listen to its unique sound. This interactive approach fosters a deeper connection between the children and these precious pieces of musical history.

The Inevitable Revolution, Medium



In 2020, I gave an online talk at Mehmet Akif Ersoy University of Art in Turkey about my experience as a designer abroad. I shared how I started in design, the importance of having a good portfolio early on, and tips on working well with clients. I also talked about how speaking another language helped me in my career. We wrapped up with a live Q&A session where I compared working in Turkey and the UK.

Work Experience

2022 — 2023

Fiinu, now a licensed British bank, revolutionizes banking with innovative solutions like Plugin Overdraft. Rejoining Fiinu as the Lead Designer, I managed the overall design activities, from UX journey remapping to design system creation.

Key Responsibilities:

• Reviewed and remapped the existing UX journey, identifying areas for improvement.
• Explored and designed the core features of the product.
• Created a comprehensive Figma design system library for the mobile app, ensuring ease of use and consistency.
• Conducted stakeholder buy-in and alignment meetings, facilitating cross-team collaboration.
• Contributed to the product requirement documentation, defining the scope and direction of the product.
• Created an end-to-end visual demonstration of the customer journey on the mobile app, aiding in successful funding rounds.

2018 — 2022

Pupil is an innovative tech company specialising in creating accurate 3D reconstructions of real-world spaces. I served as a Product Designer and Design System Advocate within the Design team, driving the creation of intuitive user experiences.

Key Responsibilities:

• Defined the product design roadmap in collaboration with product managers and stakeholders.
• Built and maintained design systems for internal products, ensuring a consistent user experience across all
• Led the creation of Trace, a design system that became a single source of truth for all internal products.
• Collaborated with the marketing team to align design initiatives with brand expectations.
• Developed and implemented an effective design system, leading to a 2x increase in employee workflow.
• Drove the legacy workflow overhaul, contributing to the company's shift towards an innovative and agile mindset.

2022 — 2022

True to Form is a leading Experience Studio renowned for its expertise in user interface and interaction design. In my role as a Product Designer, I was primarily focused on design system creation and user experience enhancements.

Key Responsibilities:

• Created and maintained an efficient design system from scratch for Ecologi, following their existing core
brand values.
• Collaborated closely with UX researchers and developers to build high-fidelity prototypes.
• Worked on UX enhancements alongside the design system creation to streamline workflow.
• Successfully overhauled Ecologi's design system, boosting their execution speed.
• Managed to win stakeholder buy-in for design initiatives, ensuring a two-way approach to design system creation and UX enhancements.

2020 — 2021

BB Agency is an award-winning design studio known for creating seamless digital experiences. I served as a Senior Digital Designer within the Design team, aiding in the successful shipment of various mobile projects.

Key Responsibilities:

• Led user experience and interaction design initiatives,
contributing to the development of user-centric digital
• Built and validated robust design systems, ensuring consistency and ease of use across platforms.
• Collaborated closely with the development team to translate designs into functional digital experiences.
• Implemented design enhancements to elevate brand identity and customer engagement.
• Successfully delivered two major mobile projects, significantly contributing to the agency's portfolio.
• Developed comprehensive design systems, enhancing the team's productivity and the consistency of design

2010 — 2015

GKFX is globally recognized for its advanced online trading services. As a Senior Designer in the Marketing
team, I played a crucial role in conveying the company's brand identity and marketing initiatives.

Key Responsibilities:

• Conceptualized and implemented the brand's visual identity, ensuring consistency across all platforms.
• Designed diverse marketing assets, including web and mobile interfaces, social media graphics, and print media.
• Mentored junior designers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
• Collaborated with the marketing team to align design initiatives with strategic goals.
• Managed and optimized the company's brand assets library.
• Facilitated GKFX's transition to becoming one of the fastest-growing financial companies through robust and
effective design strategies.
• Successfully executed a consistent global brand image, contributing to a unified brand identity.

2010 — 2010

Dreams&Bytes is a full-service digital agency founded in January 2000. It was the place where I had my first
real experience of digital and interactive design. I participated in many projects as a Web Design Specialist for
many brands serving nationally and also internationally such as Migros, Ipragaz, Unilever and Bosch.

Key responsibilities:

• Coming up with concrete solutions for web interfaces, landing pages and social media banners.
• Reimagination of existing visuals for the e-commerce websites.
• Designing e-mail newsletters.