Nuno Job

Nuno Job

Co-founder in London, He/Him

Hiring a GTM team for Decipad

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👋 Hi!

I'm an early-stage founder focused on the frontier tech enabled HCI. I work for and by the community, and seek to build a more equitable world. I am a builder, advocate, and believer of open-source software.

I have a keen interest in working with small, ambitious teams. I believe teams like this have a disproportionate impact in the world. The self-taught, immigrants, adventures, athletes, nerds, makers, explorers, and dreamers. You are welcome here.

With creativity, resilience, and passion you can solve almost anything.

Currently, I am building Decipad. Decipad is a low-code notebook meant to change the world's relationship with numbers.

I hated maths throughout school. When working in companies, this became worse. Being coerced into tools like Excel, or when that fails, having to code a solution in JS or Python. Surely, there must be a better way than having the whole world to learn how to code?

This is why we are building Decipad. We hope to enable people to share their knowledge, and hopefully build upon each others “models” of the world.

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2020 — Now
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London, UK
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New York, NY, USA
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