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What is the product you’re building?

At Decipad, we’re making data analysis accessible and mainstream for everyone. Decipad is a smart-document with spreadsheet like capabilities to gather information, build models in minutes and bring data-driven ideas to life.

What values does your team share?

Behind every great product, there is a great team. We believe that every member of our team is important and plays a critical role in building Decipad. We are all born curious and at Decipad we value creative thinkers. People who are not afraid to ask difficult questions. We believe that there must be a better and simpler way to empower people to make decisions. Decipad represents that ambition as a team; striving to challenge the traditional way of thinking and making sense of data.

That’s our shared goal and motivation. Our objective is not to beat the competition. We look up to our competitors as a source of learning, and a way to challenge ourselves. Without them we wouldn’t be able to set such ambitious goals, or keep track of our own development. Our objective is not defined by an exit, or to make a lot of money. We believe our small team can create a product that transforms on people interacts with numbers forever. Our goal is to do the greatest thing possible. Or even a little bit more. Profit will follow.

We take pride in being transparent and open, putting our users at the centre of our work and aspiring to build Decipad together with our community. We believe that transparency and trust is what makes great teams work. We encourage self-improvement and criticism allowing us to improve the team, the company and the product. We believe this helps us build better team character and integrity.

At Decipad no team member is too big for any task. We get the job done and we clean after ourselves. No one needs to look after Decipad. At Decipad we look after ourselves.

We believe that we are as good as our teams' unity. We get the basics right, and we build on those basics.

We believe in an inclusive world. We aren't interested in academic results or name-dropping resumes. In fact we don't want your resume at all. Character trumps talent. We love self-taught, immigrants, misfits, adventurers, athletes, nerds, makers, explorers and dreamers.

What is your team mission?

We want to change the world's relationship with numbers by providing an interactive document that unlocks people's ability to derive context from the world’s data and information.

What type of music does your team listen to?

What problem are you solving?

We shouldn't need to be analysts (or programmers) to make sense of our own information. In fact, information is spread across so many sources even analysts struggle to make sense of it all.

In our every day, it's our mortgages, bank, groceries. At work, it's all the lovely tools we use to be super organized, but that end up disconnected from each other. We rely on our intuition to make choices, but there's a simpler way.

Decipad is an smart-document with spreadsheet like capabilities. You can use Decipad to gather information, build models in minutes and bring data-driven ideas to life.

At Decipad, we want to enable everyone to make better decisions that make life better. We want to enable ops teams, entrepreneurs and other business teams alike to codify their processes. To build models that suit their business. Models that evolve as you grow. An operating system for your company. Build once, solve that problem forever.

Decipad will allow you to collaborate with others to have new insights. It will enable you to share what you discovered and make sense of data in real time. Decipad wants to give you and your team superpowers without learning how to code.

How do we contact you?

You can email any team member by using their first name [at] N1N Inc is our company name, because of our value N+1>N. Small improvements, everyday!

You can also find us on discord most of the time. Or ping one of us via Come say hi!