James Drake 👋

James Drake 👋

Product Designer in UK

Former MA Game Design 👾 grad turned Product Designer📱with 6+ years experience in design, strategy, product thinking and all things UIUX.

Currently working on Where Friendships Die 🚀 A fill-in-the-blank social experience that turns your friendships and memories into a delightfully uncomfortable encounter....sorry


Where Friendships Die

Side Projects


Random, funny, naughty prompts that asks a random friend to answer. A picture, comment or video to show your best and worst moments. Together

Work Experience

2022 — Now
Principal Product Designer at Youpi
Silicon Valley
2022 — Now
Founder at Where Friendships Die

I had a cool little idea and wanted to build it :)

2021 — 2022
Product Designer at Beams
Berlin, Barcelona, London
2020 — 2021
Senior Product Designer at Vizlib
2019 — 2020
Product Designer at Dootrix

I joined Dootrix for everything Logically lacked, senior skill sets, more projects and to experience a tightly ran ship of experienced leaders, managers along with designers and engineers.

to be continued

2018 — 2019
Lead Product Designer at Logically

My first job in product and yep...."lead"...It's not a typo and yes I was woefully under equipped for it, alas I built a small team, I handled product strategy, managed some PM responsibilities all before I touched any UI or UX work.

Logically's mission and vision was brought on by Brexit in the UK and the 2016 U.S Election of the same year. We wanted to rid discourse of misinformation across both the political climate and media.

The task I was hired for was to rework the app on both iOS and Android as well as the website. After a first sprint around audits I put forward that we should also commit to a rebrand.

Before my time finished at Logically I completed a whole host of work that including a complete company wide rebrand of Logically, built a basic design system to increase efficiency for devs. The longest but most rewarding outcome from my time was the visual design work which combined a lot of exploration with user research around the iOS app to figure out how best to present the news in a digestible way while not distracting the user with information showing the validity of sentences, quotes and paragraphs.


Best Son of the year award from My Parents