Where Friendships Die

Where Friendships Die

London, GB
Meme curation
Radical candor
Done is better than perfect
Put the user first
Decide with feedback, not consensus
Strong opinions loosely held

Introduce us to your team

James Drake 👋

James Drake // Co-Founder // Ceo i guess

What is your team mission?

WHAT IF instead of YOU deciding what to post... and inevitebly posting your premade pasta dish or the 8th picture of your kid that week that none of your friends realllllllly want to see...

What if WE asked You.

One random notification a day that gets you and your friends to explore your friendship together with pictures, comments and videos.

Honestly thats it....it wasn't that deep, we aren't saving the world, just giving you a laugh with your mates while it falls apart.

What are the biggest challenges facing your team?

Figma can only get you so far....looking for a technical co-founder