Cristina Tulcidas

Cristina Tulcidas

Product / UX Designer in Portugal, She/Her


Product Designer or UX Designer (not sure which buzzword applies more to myself, as it seems the internet can’t quite make up its mind in regards to designer’s role titles). I’m just another designer by qualification, and kind human by choice. Inspired by growth, humanity, emotional intelligence and mental health, I find myself gravitating towards practicing a more ethical design, based on emotional behaviors and cognitive psychology. 

Firm advocate of cross-collaboration, I believe great products are built upon the fluidity between design, research and engineering, and I wrote an article on why devs and designers work better together at the beginning of my career that has reached +1k reads. When I am not lost in design jargon, I am a drooling mother of a 50kg italian mastiff, wannabe hybrid athlete in the making (basically a sports addict) and a festival princess.

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Navigating challenges and fostering successful cross-collaboration within tech-teams.


How pixels and art meet UX.


Instead of isolating the process, consider that both devs and designers are designing and building something.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Remote — Portugal, NZ

Local.Foundation tackles the growing problem of loneliness in Community builders, by activating people with the right tools and mindsets to foster and find their communities. The mission is to enable people to build communities while facilitating fundamental values of safety, diversity, equality, inclusivity, accessibility and ethics.

2021 — 2024
Remote — Portugal, France

Responsible for designing end-to-end solutions; identifying opportunities for improvements and new features; work alongside stakeholders and team leaders from CX and marketing as well as engineering on defining OKR’s and roadmaps; facilitate QA; create and maintain design system components; collaborate closely with engineering to understand technical limitations & constraints; manage priorities and incoming design ticket requests from the team. While initially my main focus was on the Web App and iOS Native App, incrementally over time, I was working across all different environments including Android, cross-functionally between the B2C ( and B2B ( products, and within light and dark modes.

2019 — 2021
Remote — Portugal, Germany

Leading the design, working closely together with the engineering team and management within an Agile environment with bi-weekly sprints for serviced projects and KANBAN for the internal product. My responsibilities included mapping out the structure of the product; design the end-to-end solutions while participating in the definition of the architectural structure alongside the engineers focusing on the user-flow and user-experience; perform QA reviews and iterative support. In all projects developed, there was an underlying focus on mental health awareness.

2017 — 2019

Closely collaborated with engineers, POs, clients and stakeholder within an Agile bi-weekly sprints environment; focusing on building functional and technically stable management system solutions. Also took on a more multi-disciplinary role to help improve the companies social media platforms, website and article’s branding visuals. As a company with a high value for a people company culture and career growth, I was provided with the opportunity to successfully lead and manage a team of 2 junior developers in building an MVP for a smaller serviced project, in order to acquire skills and grow into a leadership position.

2016 — 2016

Mainly assigned to web design based and digital projects; also performing basic front-end development of landing pages or emails; creating information architecture to design way-finding systems; and supporting the rest of the team in any graphic design and branding projects as needed.

2015 — 2016

Incorporated a multidisciplinary role within digital platforms, working on developing brand visuals for digital spaces and designing and developing basic HTML & CSS landing pages.

2015 — 2015

As an intern at Opera, my work experience was divided into two phases. The first working closely in the IT Department, where my main focus was to improve my skills on basic FE markup languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript); by designing and then implementing the FE for the new Opera Intranet system and the “quick and automatic” Opera Badge system for visitors. The second phase of my apprentice was under the Marketing Department where I was given various tasks, from creating speed dials; brochures, assisting on the new Opera Brand Identity and building campaigns for Opera Mini and new browser features.

2014 — 2014

The focus as a trainee were to learn the very basics of FE markup languages (HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, XML and PHP) and Wordpress as a CMS. After the initial learning phase, I worked closely with the team in setting up Wordpress accounts inside the main server, performed small FE changes, designed banners and mockups for client serviced projects and as part of my curricular evaluation, I built my very first portfolio using all the techniques learned.

Team Leadership & Management from Terra da Perfeição