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I am currently a 2nd year Undergraduate student pursuing my major in Finance and minor in economics. I plan to pursue my career in either Financial counselling or Fund management. I am skilled at Excel and Graphic designing, which lets me create compelling data visualizations. I enjoy turning numbers into easy-to-understand visuals that tell a story through it. I also have a website -


Scholarship from FLAME University

got awarded with scholarship from the year 2022-26

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Head of AV at FLAME Chess Club
FLAME University Pune
2023 — Now
Data Analytics and Visualization Team at WageIndicator Foundation
FLAME University, Pune


2022 — 2023
Social media and design team at FLAME Chess Club
FLAME University Pune
  • Worked in Flame Chess Club as a CC member in social media, PR, and design. While being the sole member of design and social media team, managed to get a reach of 400 people, Uploading 15 posts and 4 reels, and gaining 72 followers, taking the club from 71 followers to 143 followers., and a total reel viewership of more than 15k. Through the massive reach we pulled of compared to the last year, we could host a wide number of events and tournaments, because of which we were awarded the best sports club for the year 2022-23.

  • Skills: Public Relations · Social Media · Graphic Design


2023 — 2023
Intern at Jeeban Jyoti Foundation
Kalyani, West Bengal

This NGO lead by Mr. Prakash Shah who is a middle aged highly enterprising individual full of energy and passion. He and his team are involved in varied social activities like Child education, women empowerment, conservation of soil, helping the needy and poor and environment. I could immediately connect and bond with Mr. Shah in my two months journey with this wonderful organisation. Despite being a new and upcoming NGO in a small suburban town near Kolkata, Jeeban Jyoti foundation is working relentlessly to help and give back to the mother nature.


2022 — Now
BBA Finance at FLAME Univeristy

Majoring in Finance with an Economics Minor

2020 — 2022
Intermediate at Millenium School


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