Andy Chung

Andy Chung

Designer in Berkeley, He/Him

Side Projects


Custom matchbox and activity zine created as keepsakes for our wedding.


A meditative self-portrait game, built as a form of therapy during quarantine.


Website, AR models, and book design for Tom Chung Studio.


Studio website for industrial designer, Calen Knauf.


A small image sharing community, inspired by FFFFound and simpler times on the web.


Digital invitation for Knauf and Brown and Tom Chung Studio, exhibiting in Stockholm, Sweden.


A self published drawing application for iPad.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
Berkeley, CA

In 2020 the itch to pursue independent projects came back. Working from home during the pandemic made for a surprisingly productive environment to explore side projects, out of which was born. In February 2021 we raised a small round of financing, and later in October 2021 Mehdi would join me full-time as a cofounder.

2019 — 2020
San Francisco, CA

When Peter switched roles to manage the product team at Quip I switched roles to manage and grow the design team. We shipped our team page,, and quickly doubled the size of the team. Within Salesforce this was a VP of Software role.

2017 — 2019
San Francisco, CA

Unity&Variety was acquired by Quip where we joined their design team, which at the time was just Matt and Peter. It was an interesting time to join them as they themselves had just gone through an acquisition by Salesforce. I worked on Quip Slides during this time, a collaborative presentation tool.

2016 — 2017
San Francisco, CA

After experiencing the rapid growth of the design team at Facebook I set out to pursue more independent work. I shared a studio space with my friends Joey and Drew in the Mission District where I'd eventually join their 2 person startup Unity&Variety. We were working on a collaborative presentation tool called DEX before we were acquired by Quip.

2012 — 2016
Menlo Park, CA

At the time Facebook design candidate presentations were given to both the product design team and communication design teams. I originally flew down to do a communication design interview, but after giving my presentation the product design team asked that I interview for their team as well. I didn't get the communication design role, but ended up finding a spot on the product design team. I worked on projects such as News Feed and Reactions.

2009 — 2011
Vancouver, BC

My first real design job out of school. I was able to connect with the Mozilla Messaging team in Vancouver through Twitter after they found my open source typeface, Neighbourhoood, that I had published as my thesis project at Emily Carr University.



Brian was kind enough to invite me for an interview with Frontier magazine. We chat about careers and the changing definitions of a team.


Chatted with Jake about what we're building at I might argue that "moving intentionally" could be a more appropriate title, but you get the idea!


2005 — 2009




New Layer, Inc.