Allison Ortiz

Allison Ortiz

Product Designer in Houston, Texas, she/her


As a product designer drawn to the field by my inquisitive and exploratory nature, I approach design challenges with a systems thinking mindset, understanding the interconnectedness of various elements and aiming to develop solutions that harmonize with their broader contexts.

My work is grounded in a deep understanding of human interaction and empathy, developed through my origins in healthcare. Yet, I acknowledge that empathy alone isn't enough; it requires robust support from thorough research and analysis. By integrating qualitative insights with quantitative data, I ensure that each design decision isn't just empathetic but also firmly evidence-based.

Outside of the screen, I spend my time exploring nature trails and crafting detailed travel itineraries. 🌍⛰️✈️🥾




In this ongoing project, I collaborated with an agile team of researchers, designers, engineers, product strategists to build a Kadena blockchain explorer with NFT analytics, an open source Web3 product. Case study in-progress.


As a freelance designer, I created a responsive website prototype that serves as a platform to benefit my client by increasing visibility, attracting new customers, and enhancing their competitiveness in the industry.

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Product Designer at Develop for Good

Implementing redesign and enhancement strategies for Building Beats, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing DJ and digital music production programs that teach entrepreneurial, leadership, and life skills to underserved youth.

2023 — 2024
UX Researcher at Tech Fleet

Conducted comprehensive evaluative and generative mixed-method research to guide the development of a blockchain explorer, focusing on enhancing data functionality and integrating advanced NFT analytics tools.

Key Initiatives
• Established the tools and methodologies for conducting user interviews and usability testing, accommodating 10+ participants each round

• Designed and implemented a robust research infrastructure by creating and providing templates, resulting in streamlined project processes and improved efficiency

• Worked closely with cross-functional teams to implement design changes, resulting in a 28% reduction in interface complexity and 18% faster navigation

• Played a key role in crafting and refining research reports, converting complex data into straightforward, actionable suggestions for team implementation

2023 — 2023
UX Designer & Consultant at Allison Ortiz Design

Designed digital products and design systems utilizing UX/UI services, integrating data-driven research, Figma prototyping, and iterative design methods to elevate user experience and fuel business growth.

Key Initiatives
• Managed the design process of a precision machining company's online presence, achieving a 53% reduction in customer search time for service information through a responsive web design

• Utilized expertise in communication to optimize microcopy for SEO while maintaining clarity and engagement to enhance user experience and drive organic traffic

• Revamped brand guidelines for a stealth start-up, aligning design principles with brand identity and market positioning, while maintaining confidentiality under NDA

• Delivered 5+ compelling presentations of UX concepts and deliverables to clients, offering comprehensive support and maintenance services throughout the pre-launch phase

2018 — 2023
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer at [Healthcare Industry]

Leveraged meticulous attention to detail to perform ultrasound examinations at human and veterinary hospitals for 5 years.

Key Responsibilities
• Applied strong analytical skills to tackle complex diagnostic challenges, maintaining composure in high-pressure and demanding situations

• Tailored scanning protocols to accommodate unique patient requirements and constraints, ensuring optimal imaging outcomes and patient comfort

• Prepared 6+ preliminary reports daily for radiologist review, meticulously condensing complex imaging data into succinct summaries outlining essential findings


2022 — 2023
Human-Centered Interaction Design & Design Thinking
2011 — 2015
Texas Tech University
Bachelor of Science - Kinesiology and Exercise Science