Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain

Product Design in New York

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I'm Abhishek, a design enthusiast and problem-solving machine. With an engineering degree and a master's in human-centered design, I bridge the gap between design and development. I began tinkering with Photoshop at 13, mastering tools from slice-and-dice Photoshop to smooth-flowing Figma.

But I'm not just a pixel pusher. I know how to get inside users' minds, digging into their needs and behaviors. I spearheaded guerrilla testing and research to evolve a 10 million+ user platform. I also hustle to execute under pressure.

When I'm not designing or hacking together quick prototypes, you can find me working out or geeking over desk setups on YouTube. I can fix both broken laptops and broken user flows.

Work Experience

2023 — Now
Phoenix, AZ

• Designed a comprehensive UI design system of 50+ components using variables and components in Figma.

• Conducted design research by performing 8 usability tests, identifying key areas for improvement. Presented findings to the entire team, leading to a 20% increase in SUS score, a 15% boost in task completion rates & achieved an NPS of 9 out of 10.

2021 — 2023

• Directed comprehensive user research, market analysis, & website audit to identify key insights & align user needs with business goals for ITC's ecommerce platform serving 10 million+ users.

• Facilitated workshops for 100+ participants, gaining deep understanding of users' mental models & identifying specific needs to inform product & service design & development.

• Conceptualized 100+ wireframes for IDFC Bank, translating user research into tangible outcomes & enabling stakeholders to visualize digital product improvements before implementation.

• Led the redesign of Oberoi Realty's website, applying User-Centered Design practices & implementing innovative features that led to a 25% increase in average session duration and a 40% decrease in bounce rate.

2022 — 2023

• Coached 150+ emerging user experience design professionals across 4 countries in design principles & portfolio development, enhancing proficiency in Figma, Notion, & Maze.

• Conducted lectures on product research, usability testing & prototyping which 100+ participants attended.

2021 — 2021

• Collaborated with developers & product managers to improve SaaS platform design, researching user behavior & identifying strategies to reduce click through rate, advancing user engagement by 45% & cutting down customer churn by 25%.

• Formulated & implemented user-specific dashboards using Figma, facilitating monitoring & analysis of 50+ key metrics for Kubernetes service.

• Executed A/B testing on new layout & features, monitoring user navigation to identify optimal design combinations increasing customer retention by 20%.

2021 — 2021

• Developed responsive & user-friendly web interface using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript, implementing efficient API call handling system decreasing website response time by 50% & boosted user engagement by 30%.

2019 — 2020
UX Designer at Code Marshalls

• Designed targeted mobile & desktop landing pages for lead generation in collaboration with cross-functional meal delivery client teams, enhancing conversion rate by 20% & yielding 500+ new clients in the first year.

• Collected responses via questionnaires & interviews on online food ordering behavioral changes during the pandemic, creating a visual communication principle-infused design system for web & mobile projects, diminishing development time & improving scalability.


2023 — Now
MS in Human Centered Design at Pace University
New York
2016 — 2020
Bachelors of Engineering (Information Technology) at Mumbai University