Thomas Bugg

Thomas Bugg

Digital Designer in London


A multidisciplinary designer and artist focused on creating meaningful and innovative work. Experimenting with emerging technologies, I use a conceptual approach to create interactions that improve the way people understand and experience reality.

Work Experience

2021 — Now
2019 — 2019



The visual identity for the 2021 Central Saint Martins Graduate Showcase uses artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning to represent the individual and collective growth of the graduating students within the university's community.

Collecting the word "bloom" in all languages spoken on the Central Saint Martins campus, we trained a neural network that generates new letterforms based on the initial data. Combining moving imagery, colour, and typography, we developed an adaptive visual system with this generative cycle at its core.


Water to Water is an interactive experience revealing the different ways that our actions are entangled with other facets of life.

Through a process of repurposing, a plastic bottle has been turned into a device that is used to navigate this exploration. Taking the user on a journey through the various stages of the bottle’s life cycle, the orientation of the object controls which stage the user chooses to explore and unveils complexities that are obscured by its simple presentation.


Seeing the Same Light is a collective intervention that explores the coexistence between humans and non-humans (otherwise referred to as nature).

Drawing inspiration from dark ecology, the project redefines the participant’s understanding of ‘nature’ through a process of feedback between the plant and the human.

For the plant to receive the necessary light that it needs, a collective must walk 10km a day and if this is not met, a chrome extension will hinder the usability of each participant’s browser and prompt them to go for a walk. As a result, participants are encouraged to spend time outside looking after their own personal wellbeing and symbiotically looking after the plant’s as well.