Sooraj Singh

Sooraj Singh

Software Engineer in Bengaluru, He/Him

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Software Engineer, Techno-optimist and a coffee enthusiast (pronounced addict)

Work Experience

2024 — Now
Bengaluru, India

Worked towards a complete rewrite of the product over a single sprint.

  • Increased performance and efficiency of newer version of the application by 5x.

  • Handled data fetching and updating optimistically using IndexedDB and efficient in-memory caching.

  • Rebuilt and re-architected UI components across the board from Ant Design to ShadcnUI with Tailwind, along with react-hook-form and zod validations

2022 — 2024
Bengaluru, India

Led Front-end engineering efforts to revolutionise Fixed Income investment opportunities in India.

Roles and responsibilities included:

  • Planning of scope and design.

  • Architecture of front-end systems to be scalable, fast, extensible and reliable.

  • Delegation and Management of other front-end engineers to ensure timely delivery of the entire feature/product.

  • Setting up the baseline and co-ordinating with product and design to ensure seamless, consistent outputs.

  • Setup, Scaled and maintained client facing application from web to mobile using a single robust codebase.

  • Built and iteratively improved the internal tool helping in making internal ops over 15x faster.

2022 — 2022

I was the solo frontend engineer for building Nothing India's Student Program chapter. I worked with a single backend engineer and we shipped a fully functional registration, proof upload and leaderboard system in 3 weeks.

2022 — 2022

Built and documented the frontend of 2 dApps and assisted in the initial development of a third dApp along with my team of 2 other developers.

2021 — 2021

Built Microsoft teams and MSAL Authentication integrations using Python.



Worked along with my team of 2 members to develop the frontend of Lend, which is a platform that allows users to borrow on the basis of owned Wrapped Vesting Tokens (WVTs).

Learn more about WVTs at…


Made the second iteration of the Product mobile responsive and made performance improvements.


Built the Frontend, along with my team of 2 other developers and 2 designers, for CapX Exchange which is a Decentralised exchange for Wrapped Vested Tokens.


Built a website for a travel agency as part of a freelance gig using HTML/CSS


Built a suite of example code to be used as reference in the future. This code includes:

> Microsoft teams integrations into Native Windows/Mac applications.

> Usage of Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) to authenticate users into native applications using their relevant Microsoft ID.

> R&D into usage of Microsoft no-code platforms to build chatbots that can be used for support on client websites.

Side Projects


Built and served statically with Next.JS and Vercel


A Next.js WebApp that displays the Weather of your region/the region you searched for along with a visual representation.


2018 — 2019

Volunteered as Academic support.
Roles included teaching 5th - 6th grade students Mathematics and Science




After Office Hours